Wednesday, July 23, 2008


We're having some friends of DBF's from way back overnight tonight. It was sort of funny actually because he mentioned they were stopping by about a week ago... then mentioned this weekend that they are staying over... then mentioned on like Sunday night that they have two kids. Way to give me time to prepare! Did I mention that he's been away since Monday morning? mhmmmm.

So anyway, last night I did all the laundry for the hide-a-bed and the air bed for the kids. (I wish our spare room was set up but I didn't know we'd need it before my Mom comes in September.) Plus I did the bathrooms and general tidying. Today I still need to make those beds and vacuum. This morning I skipped the gym to get a bit of work done early, then ran out to the grocery store. Now I'm getting caught up here and a bit more work before I continue on with the chores and getting a bit of dinner prepped ahead of time. We're doing burgers and corn on the cob. Easy Peasy. (Of course I make it difficult on myself by offering pre-dinner snacks and such...LOL.)

So today's menu isn't planned, aside from dinner. It's fly by the seat of my pants day! I actually hate doing this mid-week, but I also hate having a rigid plan when guests are involved. Such is life.

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carla said...

Im cheering you on for NOT having a rigid plan.
IMO this road to healthy is all about planning for flexibility.

I tried the rigid way (back in college. it got ugly) and it doesnt work ;)

hope the visitors are fun!!


Jen said...

*laughs* way to go Mr. Bionic!!!! Poor you!!!

I agree, by not having a rigid plan it's better!!! I think you will make it through PERFECTLY!!!

(and by the sounds of it, all that prep and running around is a workout on it's own today!!!)

tash said...

I hope the visit goes well!

CaRoLyN said...

I LOVE it too that you can get by without a rigid plan! I'm such a HUGE planner that the thought of not having every bite of the meal planned out completely makes me freak! Plus I would spend the whole week preparing and planning what we are going to feed the guests. Nuerotic much? Me thinks so!

Have fun with the company!

Bi0nicw0man said...

Oh Carolyn, I did fret for the last two days about what to feed them....but in the end I settled on burgers because DBF didn't know any freaking how old the kids are. LOL.