Friday, July 18, 2008

I'm melting...

9:44am and it's already an oven in my office. Me thinks there will be some moving the laptop to the basement today. (Not that it's much cooler down there....and it's messy....hmmmm, must rethink this.)

Good news is that I peeked at the scale just now and I'm under 155. I NEVER peek at the scale. I don't think I EVER have. So you know this extra pudge has been stressing me out. I hope it sticks.

Especially considering that the bad news is that the menu at the pub was completely uninspiring so I ended up order a burger and fries. It was good, but totally not what I had planned to do. I did only have my caesar to drink (not virgin though, I wanted the boooooze!) and stuck with water for the rest of the evening. Then had a tiny freezie when I got home.

Today DBF is on duty all night and I have plans with some girlfriends to go see Mamma Mia. Dinner will be Jack Astors so I plan on a drink or two and a salad (if I can find a friendly one). I'll look at the menu later today.

It's a day off from the gym. I might try to go for a lunchtime walk, but I have to quit work a bit early today so I might not have time. We'll see how it goes for the next two hours.

The menu as it looks so far...

- water
- coffee
- water
- Liberte Muesli yogurt cup & fresh blueberries
- water
- lotsa chopped raw veggies & hummus
- chocobran
- water
- grapes if I need something to tide over to dinner
- more water if I'm not already floating away
- two drinkies and probably the Greek Chicken Salad
(what do you think? it looks the safest to me:
- cheap bitch is bringing her own Sprite Zero to the movie (the only diet options they offer are Coke and I don't like caffeine that late at night, plus it's a rip-off)
- maybe out for another drinky-poo after the movie (vodka/soda)

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CaRoLyN said...

No treats at the movies? Wowsa you are a strong strong woman! I always bring my own pop...they charge like $3.00 for a bottle of pop in the vending machine....SERIOUSLY? I could buy like 3 2L for that price!

The greek salad definitely sounds like your best option here. Although...I just looked it up and if you want to go by this website.... HOLY COW!
The Greek has over 1000 calories!!! WHEW! according to that site, the California chicken looks the best overall. I don't know how accurate that is though.

Have a great weekend!!!

Alli said...

Hey did you get my invite? I had blogger resend yesterday!

Bi0nicw0man said...

Alli: nope didn't get it. Hmmmm. make sure you are spelling my name right.

Carolyn: I'm planning no treats because we are going straight there from dinner and I'll be with a whole group of friends. I'll probably steal a bite of something but I'm not buying anything of my own. :) And thanks for that link... I've only ever been to JA once and it doesn't really do much for me.

Aimee said...

Also the Lemon-Pepper Salmon looked good too. If you like fish. But that salad and the Cali one both looked good.

I never get anything at the movies.
Have fun! I want to see that movie!

Alli said...

Oh I am sooooo jealous you get to see Mamma mia... that was a definite no for Brian. Oh well maybe I will go on my own!?

Julie said...

Have fun at the movies!
I love Jack Astors, I love going when I am in Halifax. It's not the most healthy choices ever but hey it's nice to treat yourself.