Monday, July 28, 2008

Smacking Myself in the Forehead

Total free-for-all, no holds barred weekend. WTF?! Sometimes you would never know that I am actually knowlegable about nutrition, portion control and mindless snacking. Sometimes you would never know that I have willpower and know how to use it. Sometimes you would never know that I have a gym membership that I usually like to use.

Well, it's over. And the scale has leaped back up to 157lbs. Up exactly the same 3.4lbs I had lost last week. WHEN WILL I LEARN?!!

So DBF left this morning for ONE MONTH at sea. Booooo. The only upside to it is that for the next four weeks I don't have to worry about planning "family" meals. I can focus on ME ME ME. I can eat more salads, I can skip red meat, I can work out every day if I feel like it. Look out world, watch me goooooooooooooo!

He had to be at work early this morning, so I ended up with extra gym time so did extra cardio to get my week off on the right foot. I'm going to change my strength days to Tues/Thurs/Sat instead of Mon/Wed/Sat just for something to do. I need to shake up my routine in order to get me motivated to go in the mornings. I will sit down tonight and write myself a weekly schedule for gym and activity, as well as work on combining my two strength training routines into one power-routine. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

After the gym I stopped at the grocery store to pick up some fruit and granola bars. I found new All Bran bars....Cinnamon Oatmeal & Chocolate Chip. Same NI at the original and Honey Nut.

My menus for the next couple of days will definitely be "clean out the fridge" menus as we had a party this weekend and there are remnants that need to be eaten up. I really need to stop loading up the fridge right before DBF goes away!

So today.....

- water
- Bolthouse Berry Burst Smoothie
- coffee
- All Bran Bar (choc chip, pretty tasty!)
- lunch will be homemade spinach artichoke dip (a variation of Hungry Girl's recipe) with crackers, carrots & orange pepper strips
- blueberries & strawberries with a bit of yogurt
- dinner will involve a huge-ass salad with real cheddar
- hummus with crackers
- grapes or cherries
- tea

My workout...

- Treadmill: 5 minute incline warm-up, running 2 mins each @ 3.5, 4.5, 5, 5.5, then repeated, 5 minute cooldown
- Elliptical: interval program, 2 mins @ level 4 - 2 mins @ level 10, repeats for 20 minutes, 5 minute cooldown
- various strength exercises...calf raises, squats, side bends, planks Pin It


Anonymous said...

oh i know how it feels on a monday after one of those days. i had my first good weekend in weeks and it feels way better than feeling crappy, just think of that feeling.

we are in the same boat for the bfs. i won't see mine till basically sept 5th. :(

Oh and i tried those chocolate chip all brans too. pretty good. nothing special. but a nice little treat. :)

Alli said...

Sorry the man is going to be gone for a month =( but you are right thats a great time for you to focus on you!

Healthy Pear said...

I can't wait to try the new choc/cinnamon all bran cookies! Will look for them on my next grocery trip.
We all have "bad" weekends, it's what you do today that will make a difference. You already went to the gym that's awesome! :)

CaRoLyN said...

Ohh crap.
I've been there. Nothing feels worse than a bloaty crappy Monday morning. But by tomorrow, you'll be a new woman!

I tried those All Bran choco chip bars on Friday, pretty good, especially if they have the same NI as the original ones.

Having parties is always the hard part, it's so easy to over indulge and just eat and eat and eat (and drink and drink and drink!) Whenever we have a party, we always have tons of food left over the next day and I just pick all day long, I hate that!

Julie said...

I feel your pain... It's not a good feeling. We will hop back on the wagon.
Sorry to hear your man is gone again :(

JavaChick said...

My husband used to travel for work all the time. It was lonely, but it sure did make the meal planning easier.

Hang in there, you'll get back on track!