Friday, July 04, 2008

Today's second post

Ha, only 24 minutes have passed and here I am again. I was so stoked about posting about last night I didn't think to post my usual menu and activity plan.

Well, TGIF right? It's been a long 3 day week! Usually we go out for dinner or order in or something on Fridays, but since we threw caution to the wind all last weekend we won't be doing that tonight. We also usually indulge in a couple of drinkies, but I told DBF I'm off booze for the most part so I think I'll save my drinkies for tomorrow. (of course, this is now...we'll see how I feel at 4pm!)

No gym today. I had intended to try to go, but I'm quite stiff and it really should be a day off today anyway. I'll see how I feel later, but might just sub in a dog walk for today. (Hmmm...maybe while DBF is enjoying his beers on the deck, I'll go to the gym...haha.)

So, the plan thus far is...

- coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
- 1 cup fruit salad (banana, plum, blackberries) with 1/2 container leftover Liberte vanilla yogurt with chocolate muesli
- maybe a fibre Eggo if I'm hungry before lunch
- lunch will be a HUGE salad....yummy tender greens, shredded carrots, chickpeas, cucumber, tomatoes, grated light cheddar, light ranch dressing, maybe a few croutons
- 1 yummy homemade cookie
- strawberries
- dinner is leftover turkey sausage on a ww hot dog bun with grainy mustard and maybe some light mayo....served with spuds for my honey and more salad for me
- probably another cookie and some tea tonight
- cottage cheese & pineapple if I'm still hungry

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Anonymous said...

your menu sounds delishioso. that is so good about your dog walk. you must have slept good last night. :)

carla said...

dog walk OR a massage?



CaRoLyN said...

I'm off the drinks this weekend too! I don't think I can handle another all nighter! Need to recoup!

Sounds like you did great last night! Congrats! & the menu looks yummy!