Thursday, August 07, 2008


Thanks to each and every one of you that left me a comment over the last few days. I can't tell you how much the extra support has helped. I never would have thought that just a few words on a page could be so comforting, but they are. Blogland is amazing, isn't it?

Yesterday wasn't great foodwise...but I think it was the end of the eating for emotion. I did fast food for the third time in a week and my body is now rebelling. I'm only allowed to go back to McDonald's to get my Olympic collectors glasses. No more 8pm cheeseburgers.

I took myself for a haircut today. It was nice to do something just for me and to not talk about the doggie for a little while. Still the same cute hairdo...just freshened up and a little shorter in back. Good for the driver's license photo I had done today....after remembering that I should have done that about 4 months ago after we moved here. Ooops. I'm going to get my passport pic today too since I have good hair.

Food so far has been just a latte, a plum, and egg salad on a PC BM bagel. I'm about to make a snack of baby carrots & cuke slices with some hummus...and I think dinner will be something light involving a zucchini. Fruit and yogurt are on the plan for my evening snack. Maybe a handful of almonds before I hit the gym later too. Just cardio today to ease myself back into things I think.

I'm going to cuddle the kitty now. Thanks again. Pin It


Jen said...

*laughs* I always HAVE to comment because I hate seeing "0 people love me" at the comment section!!!

Glad your spirits are lifting somewhat and that you took some time for you!!!! DEFINITELY get the pictures done while you feel your hottest...I look like a crazy lesbian serial killer in my passport photo!!!

Phoenixrising said...

NOW I'm craving egg salad... SHEESH! I'll have to make that for tomorow's menu!!! LOL!

Yeah, emotional eating is my downfall too... McD's cheeseburgers ranking high on my list of comfort foods, so I can totally sympathise.

Glad you seem to be perking up a little... you go cuddle that kitty, that's very theraputic... better than any old cheeseburger! :)

Amy said...

Babe.. I had no idea this was going on in your life. I've been sooo swamped for time that this is the first I've read in a while.

My heart is totally broken for you.


Julie said...

I love Mcd's and it is totally my comfort food.
Emotional eating will stop soon and you'll see you'll feel like eating better real soon.
At least you had a nice haircut for drivers liscence photo. I seriously look like I am about to attack the camera. LOL

tash said...

What a great idea to plan all the picture things you need to get done on the day you get your hair done - I'll have to remember that one!