Thursday, August 28, 2008

Go Go Gadget Gymbo

Yesterday I just didn't feel right all day. Lethargic, headachey, and just off. I've felt like that quite a bit lately, so hopefully it has something to do with whatever chiropractic problems I'm having and after my visit today things will start to perk up for me.

I ended up working mostly from the couch yesterday and just felt a constant need for a nap. 4:30 came and went, and I was still working and feeling tired so my big plan for an afternoon gym trip didn't happen. I ended up making dinner early so I'd be ready when the Kijiji guy showed up to look at our fridge (he bought it, thank God!). I'd at least made myself presentable by the time he came.

After he left I was just laying on the couch staring at the TV and decided that was stupid. It's 8pm, the gym is open til 10pm, get off your ass woman! So I did. Went upstairs, switched into my workout gear (as opposed to the other Lulu gear I was already wearing), filled my water bottle and went. Yaaieeee me.

I had to cut my HIIT a bit short and left one thing out of my strength routine to make sure I didn't run overtime....we have to be out of the gym BY 10pm. It was still an excellent workout and I'm proud of myself for sucking it up and not just giving in to laying on the stupid couch. Came home for a bowl of yogurt , chopped banana and berries and the best shower I've had in a while.

No gym today....have a chiro appointment in a couple of hours and I don't like to aggrevate things by working out. If the weather was nicer I might go for a walk, but Mother Nature is being a cow this week. No biggie though, my body could use some relaxation once I'm not so stiff anymore.

Eats for today are eating up some stuff from the fridge...

- PC BM bagel w/ natural PB & 1/2 banana
- skim milk
- coffee
- Greek salad w/ light feta & crackers with goat cheese
- granola bar
- grapes
- grilled marinated shrimp, with steamed veggies, maybe some Asian slaw
- Bear Paws & tea Pin It


Jen said...

WOW!! That is friggin awesome!!! I totally wouldn't have done that!!

Cat_82 said...

I'm proud of you too! Great job Jaime!

I'm sad to say that the couch would have been my choice....

Healthy Pear said...

Not much can stop you, even at 8pm! Good for you for going!
Hope your chiro app't will leave you feeling better so at least you can get better sleep again.

JavaChick said...

Hope you feel better after the Chiropractor. Good luck!