Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hard Worker

Yesterday I made a really easy, yummy meatball soup. I got the recipe out of Chatelaine. It took less than half an hour and now I have lunches for the week. Plus two yummy chicken burgers that I made with the leftover ground chicken. I will post the recipe later tonight.

The weekend has been a bit of a blur. I don't even remember everything I did yesterday, but I know that there was laundry, picture hanging, dishes and a thorough cleaning of my car. I didn't get the porch scrubbed because I decided to just suck it up and buy our own power washer, but of course it was too late to go shopping for one. I spent the evening just puttering around the house and watching TV. It was nice to have a day off from the crazy exercise.

I did stay up too late though...reading in bed. I just wasn't tired....which is actually getting annoying. And I got really hungry at like 1am....also I had a couple of Lifestyle blueberry cookies and the rest of that organic granola bar I had started in the morning. This basically killed off any FP I had left, but that's fine...I reset tomorrow morning.

This morning I was up early because a friend was coming over to help with a few things. After he left I went straight to Rona and picked up a small power washer. Just right for what we would use it for. Then since I was on a roll, I went straight over to Home Depot and got a fabulous new lawn mower. I've been dying for one since last year so just bit the bullet and bought one.

So of course, my exercise today has been power washing the front porch, mowing my front lawn, watering the grass and working in my garden. I'm thinking about an evening bike ride too....but actually I think I feel more like a walk. Just me and my iPod. Yup, I think so!!

Today's eating has been sporatic at best, but still OP. Dinner will be my proper healthy meal of the day...

- coffee
- granola bar
- small tortilla slathered with hummus
- Babybel cheese
- Crunchie bar
(wow, can we say unhealthy?!)
- dinner is a chicken burger patty (ground extra lean chicken, fresh parmesan, basil, garlic) grilled and served with tomato & goat cheese salad (tomato slices marinated in a bit of balsamic & olive oil, with chopped red onion and dollops of herbed goat cheese), and the last chunk of fresh focaccia
- ff vanilla yogurt with fresh blue/black/raspberries
- maybe a pack of those Pringles Stix thingies for a crunchy snack later Pin It

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Amy said...

Isn't the goat cheese salad amazing? I loooove it! Try adding some fresh basil to that combo.. .its to die for!