Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I love it when I leave the gym feeling like I actually worked out...hard. Especially when it's under my own steam and I didn't have a trainer or anyone there that I was trying to impress...except myself!

My headache stayed with me all day long, but it wasn't getting any worse...mostly just annoying...so I said screw it and went to the gym after work. I'd had lots of food today so I figured I was good to go.

I kept my cardio lighter. It was supposed to be a 60 minute cardio day according to the fabulous new schedule I made for myself...but I was determined to make up the missed strength training so I just did the first 20 mins of my planned cardio....hills on the treadmill. Then I picked up my strength routine right where I got so rudely interupted by my stupid nausea yesterday. I've created my own new strength routine using moves from each of the routines I got from my trainer, plus adding some of my own to target areas I really want to work on.

For the first time ever I did full sets of stationary lunges, and boy am I going to feel it tomorrow. LOVE IT. My legs even felt a little like jello when I was walking out of the gym. I am so excited.

I want to add in back bridges to work on my abs at the end of my routine, but believe it or not all of the floor mats were taken so I left them off today. I think I might actually go do them now before I take my shower. Who says I have to do them at the gym right?

Tomorrow I will pick back up with HIIT and the full strength routine (and no I'm not taking a rest day even though I did most of the strength tonight because I want to get back on my proper planned schedule). Here's hoping the HIIT doesn't land me on my ass in the bathroom again. (I've already stowed a protein bar in my gym bag...and I'll make sure to drink my smoothie before I go this time.)

....hehe....oh and I should admit that I scrapped the smokie and veggies and just went for a cheeseburger and small fries. It ended up being only 2 points more and since I had just sweat my ass off I'm not worrying about 2 points. :) I'll eat extra veggies tomorrow. And now I have all the Olympic glasses so I really have no reason to talk myself into McD's anymore. Pin It


Jen said...

*laughs at McWorkout* awesome title!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE lunges!! AND squats...when I first started them I almost cried walking up stairs!!! It was awesome!!!

I make my gym routines from stuff from past training programs, sparkpeople (they make some workouts for you) and a book called "Strength Training for Women"...and I like changing it up all the time!!

I don't have ANY of the Olympic glasses :(

CaRoLyN said...

Wowsa! What an awesome workout! That inspiring!!

Your so cute with your Olympic collector cups!!

Good luck with the lunges and the squats. I LOVE those. They make you feel like you got a really good workout in!