Monday, August 04, 2008

One day at a Time

Well, it's Monday so that must mean it's "restart" day. Seems to be a theme these last few weeks. Thankfully, even after my cocktail of sodium and sugar, the scale showed me staying the same this morning. I don't think I could have handled seeing a higher number so I am now motivated to kiss those Cheetos goodbye.

Mojo is staying consistant so that is helping. I can handle him the way he is...even though I know he must be so freaking uncomfortable all the long as he doesn't take a turn for the worse today I might be able to hold myself together. It's a work day for me today so maybe that distraction will help too.

I am not planning my menu, but will check in tonight and let you know how the day went. There is a shortage of veggies in the house, but I think I have enough to get through the day. No gym today because of the holiday, but the rain has let up so I'll try to get out for a walk. I could use the fresh air anyway.

Thanks for all of your support. Happy Natal Day! (or insert appropriate provincial holiday of your choice) Pin It


FatMom said...

Ah, yes, I know the "restart" Monday syndrome...I also know the "depression cocktail" very well, wishes to you for getting back on track~

tash said...

That's so great that you stayed the same after your depression cocktail. One less thing to worry about.

Happy Natal day! (Simcoe day for me in Ontario, whatever that is.)

Shrunk said...

Eh-hem, you ate WHAT this weekend? ;o)

Just teasin'! I'll be watching for your check in tonight. Have a good week!

marie said...

I think you're holding up surprisingly well despite everything that's happening with mojo :)

Phoenixrising said...

I don't even want to talk about the scale-repercussions that I discovered upon stepping up this morning... UGH... let's not go there!

I'm sorry about your pooch... that really is sucky. Animals and kids are 2 of my favourite things in life... what kind of dog is Mojo?