Saturday, August 16, 2008

Over the Hump

I did it! Made it through day 3. Now for 4 - 5 - til weigh-in - and on from there.

I ended up totally messing with my menu yesterday, but in the end points were all still good. I was on the phone with my new bosses for hours so ended up missing lunch and a couple of my snacks. Thank God for the coffee I had prepared. And boy am I glad I got out for that walk before we got into the calls. I was slightly stiff and very hungry at the end of the work day.

Normally that kind of hunger would lead to some kind of binge, but I managed to hold it off by having one of my planned muffins then hopping in the shower to freshen up. I decided to get out of the house for a bit, so ran a few evening errands and got a 2 point iced coffee to keep my tummy happy while I was doing those. I was even in two different grocery stores (plus Costco) and never strayed off track or bought any "extras". Quite proud of that.

I got into the mood for something Mexican while I was out. So I got a new jar of salsa, and came home and made my WW frozen Santa Fe Beans & Rice...topped it with salsa & light sour cream and ate it with a tossed salad and a warmed small tortilla. Perfect.

I got some of that Breyer's Fat Free Double Churned Ice Cream because my fudgicles have gone all wierd and the ice cream was on sale. I had a 1/2 cup serving after dinner and it was pretty tasty but the consistency sucks. Is it always all soft and smooshy like that? I'll eat it but I won't buy it again.

So today the goals are to maintain the OP status and try to get a workout in. I was looking forward to some major activity mowing the lawn but it downpoured again overnight so the grass is waterlogged. Hello? Summer? It's Bi0nic calling. Just wondering when the hell you are coming back to town?

I think I'm going to make some coffee and make myself a little Mexicali style breakfast wrap. Then see where the rest of the day leads. I've been thinking about sushi a lot lately too...maybe that will be dinner....if I don't get around to making those 1-point eggrolls. :)

Happy Weekend everyone. Pin It


spunkysuzi said...

Would love the recipe for 1 pt egg rolls ;)
Sounds like you had a plan and it worked, awesome!!

Jen said...

*laughs* no worries, summer just found us again...hope it finds you again too!!!

Jaime you did AWESOME!!! Getting over that hump is really the hardest part!!!

Enjoy your dinner tonight WHATEVER it is, it all sounds so yummy!!

Sarah said...

I know! What's with all this rain?'

carla said...

send your rain to TX please!!

(did you get the work out in? I know. Im asking :))