Friday, August 08, 2008

Seeking Gym Love

Still can't find the "want" to go back to the gym. It's only been a week so I'm not freaking out yet...but I guess I'd better get on it soon or it will be even harder.

Last night I really had planned to go, but by the time I finished my work day I was just exhausted. I've been like that since everything started with the doggie. My mental exhaustion is dragging my physical exhaustion along with it. Instead, I ended up doing chores around the house...still worked up a sweat scrubbing the tub and I guess it wasn't a total loss. I just couldn't see myself on the gym equipment last night.

I'll snap out of it soon. I promise.

Food was all good yesterday though. I made a stirfry with chicken and honey for dinner...leftover for tonight. I was still hungry later so I had a bowl of Special K and that did the trick.

Today will be much like yesterday....minus the Starbucks trip...

- Bolthouse Berry Smoothie (I don't know why they call these smoothies...they are all juice)
- coffee
- Cinnamon All Bran Bar
- Source ff lemon yogurt with blueberries
- egg salad on PC BM bagel with onion sprouts
- baby carrots with hummus
- Sweet n Salty PB bar
- leftover chicken stirfry
- evening snack....maybe cereal, maybe Lifestyles cookies, who knows.... Pin It


carla said...

you totally will.

Im a firm believer in taking a long enough break that you LONG to go back!!

it'll come..

(and if not Ill nag ya--)


Jen said...

you'd better get back into it!! *laughs* that was my attempt at being a tough doesn't work...

Anyway, the gym will still love you when you go back...all you need is a little time...sounds like you gave your house hell though!!!!

Cat_82 said...

I totally feel you on the gym thing. The thought of an elliptical machine right now, just IS NOT doing it for me.

It's been a really tough week for you, so I'm thinking it's not such a bad thing that you have taken time off from the gym. I'm sure you're mentally exhausted as well right now. Make sure to take good care of yourself.

Jennifer said...

It's okay to take time off hun, you've been through a lot this week. Cut yourself some slack. The gym will still be there when you decide to go back. *hugs*