Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sunday Start Up

Instead of waiting until Monday like I usually do for my "re-starts"...I woke up on the right side of the bed today and decided today was the day. (Amazingly actually because I had a major bought of insomnia last night which made me super, extra cranky.)

Got up and chugged a glass of water, made coffee, made egg salad....then changed my clothes and headed right outside to mow the lawn. This is a major workout. Our yard does not seem all that big, but it's on a weird slope and because it hasn't been mowed in two weeks it was like a major jungle. (side note: our lawn mower sucks ass...I'm shopping for a new one this week) I mowed the whole yard, raked it all, and weedeated all the edges. It doesn't actually look all that great, but once I get a mower with a bag I'll go over it again and keep it nice and tidy. It was a helluva a workout!

Came in and made egg salad in an Ancient Grains tortilla and enjoyed it with my coffee on the deck with the newspaper. Followed this with some fresh blueberries and lotsa water before my shower. Actually ended up heading out to see if I could find a lawnmower, but too late in the day so I only made it to one store. I did, however, finally get to the Sears Outlet store and got a WICKED deal on a bed for our spare room. That store is awesome. Avoided the temptation of any sort of drive-thru beverage, and ate the All Bran bar that was in my purse when hunger attacked.

Came home and made a recipe from my new Rachel Ray rule is that if I'm going to buy it each month I have to make something out of it. I did pork & pineapple skewers with pineapple rice. The marinade was good, so the skewers I'd do again...but the rice was pretty boring so I doubt if I'd bother with that in the future. Probably just serve it with some fresh veggies stir-fried on the grill next time. won't believe it....I went for a bike ride! I know, I've been saying for at least 3 months that I needed to get my bike on the road. Well, while cleaning the garage yesterday my neighbor saw my flat tires and pumped them up for me. That was really all that was holding me back, so tonight I loaded the bike into the car and headed down to the local trail. I started at the parking lot and just rode until I hit what seemed like the end of that particular section. According to the map I rode about 8km I think.

So here I am, ready to enjoy the rest of my evening with tons of points left and no cravings for junk. I think cereal and a plum are in order to celebrate my great day.

Thanks for the great comments. Those last two almost had me in tears. You all are fabulous. Pin It


Julie said...

Hooray for you!
It sounds like you had a great day, I'm happy you were able to enjoy yourself.
Thanks for reminding me of the Sears outlet. I am heading into Halifax on Thursday, I need to make a pit stop there.

Alli said...

That sounds like an awesome on plan day... what a great way to start the week!

JavaChick said...

Good for you! Glad you were able to have a good day. I'm sure there will still be ups & downs, but hang in there and keep doing the best you can.


Jen said...

woohoo!! Go Jaime!!!

You are so awesome!

My stupid bike tire is flat (twice now since I bought the thing in what, June???)...I love love love going for a bike ride though!!

I'm glad that you were able to hop back on the saddle on a Sunday!!