Friday, August 15, 2008

T G I Friday

I don't usually think that, but today I do. Work has been extra busy the last couple of days, and I'm looking forward to not spending 10 hours staring at this screen.

Managed to stay OP by the skin of my teeth yesterday, so that's two days in a row. Gotta hold on for day 3 and then I'll be over the hump. Thankfully I don't have any huge plans for the weekend so I don't think there will be any challenges to blow me off course. I'm hoping the weather is drier and maybe actually sunny so I can head downtown to the waterfront and maybe to the park with an iced coffee and a book. Come on sun!

Getting to the gym still hasn't been working out for me though. I have to figure a different time to do it I guess, since mornings are not my friend right now. I'm still getting crappy sleeps, so getting up early is not happening. I don't really like evening workouts, but I'm thinking that's the answer for now. At least I got a few bike rides in, and hopefully another one tonight.

I think I might have a tiny bit of my cooking mojo back. I was flipping through ESBM last night (I used one of the marinades for my chicken last night) and saw a few things that I wouldn't mind making. I've been meaning to make the 1-point eggrolls too. So I think maybe a little meal of Asian appies might be in the plans this weekend. We shall see.

Edit: I just got in a 20 minute walk around the neighborhood. Looks like the sun might stick around for my evening bike ride too. Nice.

Today's menu looks pretty much the same as yesterdays, except I'm out of Asian slaw....

- Special K with vanilla Almond Breeze (I ended up switching the cereal to breaky yesterday and having the cottage cheese for my evening snack)
- coffeeeeeeeee
- blueberry muffin
- pluot
- PC BM bagel with light cream cheese & honey
- grapes
- blueberry muffin
- tossed salad with marinated grilled chicken breast
- cottage cheese with chopped orange
- maybe tea and a couple of those Lifestyle blueberry & brown sugar cookies (yum!) Pin It


CaRoLyN said...

Ohh what marinade did you try from ESBM? I made the Sticky Chicky and the Dilly Beloved this week. Yum!

Oh and what is the recipe for the 1 point eggrolls? I LOVE eggrolls but have never made my own before.

Have a great weekend!!

Cat_82 said...

Hope the weather holds out for you....

It's going to be 30+ in your home town this weekend.....I can't wait!!

I'll be thinking of you as I try some of your awesome suggestions for meals this weekend. Thanks again for the suggestions Jaime....totally appreciate it!!

Have a great weekend, and I have NO DOUBT that you'll rock the plan, and find your mojo....