Saturday, September 13, 2008

Apparently I will also be embarking on the Fresh Start Monday... my plan to smarten up for the weekend is not going so well. God, it's just a downward spiral once you get on the "off-plan" ride, isn't it?

We ended up sort of hurrying out the door today to make it to a Farmer's Market that I wanted to check out. So breakfast for me was my coffee. Oh so healthy I know.

I had intended on stopping at the little restaurant at the same location as the market, but after we had driven away I realized that I had forgotten. Ended up at Jack Astors sharing calamari and crab dip. Somehow the Sprite Zero I ordered seemed a bit ridiculous next to the carb-o-rama.

Dinner was Asian Slaw served with these wicked homemade Chicken & Veg Eggrolls and Deep Fried Pork Wontons we picked up at the Market. Sooooo good. Not sooooo good for us though.

And now I shall go and chop up that lovely Tiger Butter Cup (ha, sorry Phoenix!) for my evening treatie. :)

Tomorrow morning we have plans for brunch with some friends that wanted to meet my Mom....and of course right now my intentions are for poached eggs or some other lovely healthy thing....but there will be bacon so we all know how that goes. At least the dinner plan for tomorrow is for the chicken breasts I have marinating in Greek spices, to be served with some yummy spaghetti squash I picked up from that market today. And dessert and snacks can be the freshest, tastiest friggin canteloupe I've ever had that we bought at a market in Mahone Bay. Can you say fresh is freaking yum!?! Pin It


Phoenixrising said...

Canadian Bacon, has only 40 calories per 2 slices, and <1 gram of fat!!! PLUS, in my own opinion, it tastes WAY better! Smokey, chewy... kind of like ham! YUM! Totally fills the bacon craving... just a suggestion! :)

Julie said...

Oh add me to the Fresh Start Monday train...
We can do it girly!!

Jen said...

Good for you for giving a "fresh start"...there seems to be a lot of it going on lately and it's the perfect time of year for it!!!!

I agree with phoenix on the canadian bacon thing...or what about turkey bacon??? it takes some getting used to...but it gives you some meat for breakfast!!!