Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Back to Work

Booooo. So the sun is finally showing it's face, after leaving me in the lurch all weekend. I mean yaaieeee for sun, but booooo for it showing up at an inconvenient time.

Last night I was so bored, and thirsty, and snacky. I hate that. I felt like I was just sitting there waiting to go to bed. I avoiding snacking for the most part, but did eat a bigass bowl of Special K (gotta say, not a fan of the red berries) at like 11pm. Oh well, it could have been so much worse!

Tuesdays are usually crazy-busy for work, and with the long weekend I thought it might be even crazier, but so far so good. At least while I was having trouble sleeping last night I grabbed my laptop and did some catch-up laying in bed. It sucked that I was awake, but it was sure nice not to wake up to a stack of work.

This leaves me a bit of time for me now. I think I'll wait for the coffee to brew then go for a good long walk. I'll be doing the gym tonight...and although I've missed a few strength days it will just be cardio tonight so I can get back on schedule for tomorrow.

I need to get some lettuce or spinach today for salads. I bought a bunch of fixings the other day, but forgot the main thing! Today is going to be a water and produce day...yesterday was light on both of those things.

- 1/2 banana
- coffee
- Liberte Svelt vanilla yogurt with fresh blueberries
- plum
- sort of a Greek salad...chopped tomatoes, cukes, orange pepper & goat cheese (gotta use it up) in Greek dressing...with 1/2 warmed pita, and edamame hummus (soooo good!)
- All Bran bar
- dinner is again leftover Chicken & Veg pie...with spinach salad
- grapes
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eurydice said...

i was in the same boat as you last night... but didn't just stick to special k.

Cat_82 said...

I went a little nuts with the cereal yesterday too... Crazy snacky!!

Have a great work out later!

Vanessa said...

Good for you for grabbing special k instead of something else! It definitely could have been worse :)

CaRoLyN said...

At least your snack was lower in points! You could have opted for a handfull of chocolate chips or something else high in points. Although I hear ya on the red berries, the berries just taste.....off.