Thursday, September 04, 2008

Did you miss me today?

Sorry for the late post. I had a lot going on today and for once, I decided to stick with what I was doing and stay off the blogs. haha. Mainly, I woke up must have slept through my alarm late. Good thing I work at home and my coworkers are all in a different time zone. So by the time I got caught up on work, and managed to cram a late breakfast in, it was time to run out to the chiropractor. And when I returned from that, it was work work work. Work has been behind for a couple of weeks due to all this extra teleconference time with our new bosses, plus I'm off next week so trying to work ahead and put in training time with some coworkers. Then when I couldn't work any more because I was starving for dinner, I stopped and noticed the sun had come quickly changed my clothes to mow the lawn after got invited out for coffee with my neighbors so really had no time in between anything. blogging time allowed!

However....I did get to the gym last night and had a grrrrrrrreat workout. It was busy there for some reason so I had to do my strength routine out of order, which annoys me but led me to force myself into walking lunges instead of stationary lunges so that was cool.

No gym today because of the chiropractor, but I did mow half my lawn plus pull a MASSIVE amount of weeds, so I'm happy with that.

Food today was a total mish-mosh of unplanned whatever...

- 1 coffee (forgot the rest in the pot)
- yummy squishy white bread with natural PB & 1/2 banana
- intended on having OJ but forgot
- Starbucks triple grande non-fat vanilla latte
- Bear Paws Banana Bread
- had intended on veggies & hummus but never got to it
- at least dinner was healthy.... leftover piece of maple BBQ salmon (these are soooooooo good), served with leftover Asian slaw which I had mixed the last of the leftover roasted chicken into.
- got a invite out with the neighbor girls so wound up at Starbucks this time it was a grande decaf non-fat pumpkin spice latte (no whip) and an espresso brownie.
- now I am going to drink as much water as I can in an hour.

Over points, and not healthy at all...but all in all it's not really so bad. Tomorrow I'll be sure to get lots of produce in during the day. I'm going over to a friend's for the evening and who knows what treats that might entail. :) Work is going to be extra busy tomorrow but I do plan to start a bit early and I have scheduled myself exactly an hour & a half to race to the gym in the middle of the let's hope that works out for me. Tomorrow is all about sticking to my schedule and not slacking off!

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carla said...

heres to your midday workout AND having fun and your friends and not fretting too much about points or food.

life is too short :)