Monday, September 22, 2008

Fresh Start Monday - Retake!

Although I'm still weighing in at 151.4, I feel like today needs to be a true restart. Points/calories wise I think last week sort of evened out by the end of the weekend, but it certainly wasn't my healthiest week ever. Exercise was almost non-existant. There may have been a greasy carborama appy platter at Boston Pizza. There most definitely was a few late evening bowls of cereal that definitely weren't planned for. A Mars bar was eaten in under 30 seconds due to starvation while shopping and I don't even like Mars bars.

Mamma is gone now and DBF is doing freaking great on his new menu plan, so there are no excuses for me! I leave for a business trip in Las Vegas in exactly one month. So today commences OPERATION VEGAS BODY!

A few points I thought I'd write down to keep myself accountable...

- Lattes need to be treats, not daily requirements
- Water is my friend
- Take advantage of the good weather while it's still here (walks after dinner and such)
- New workout schedule (due to stupid work meetings buggering up old schedule)
- Tues/Thurs early morning HIIT & strength training, Sat or Sun HIIT & strength training, Mon/Wed noon cardiofest
- Stick to the menu plans!

On a positive note, we had a lovely goodbye dinner out on Friday night before Mom left and while she and DBF enjoyed steak and potatoes (he planned his treat night into his new menu plan), I ordered a seafood plate that was light and freaking to die for. Served with salad, it was perfect and I didn't feel overstuffed or saturated in carbs. No wine for me either!

Also, while DBF enjoyed a boys day yesterday I ran errands and did some shopping, and as the good little girl I am I toted my gym gear with me and at the end of the afternoon I hit the gym! Treadmill hill inclines powerwalk, followed by full strength training routine, including my 100 crunches. (I had actually tried to go to the gym on Saturday morning after dropping Mom off at the airport super early, but it wasn't open yet! and of course, my motivation died and I never made it back there when they were open.)

Today's menu plan...

- coffee
- Liberte Muesli yogurt cup (choco crunch)
- fresh pineapple
- homemade butternut squash soup, 1/2 english muffin with Becel
- Gala apple with light Laughing Cow wedge
- Kashi cherry/choco granola bar
- Tomato Basil Turkey sausage, grilled and served with spinach salad
- glass of skim milk
- Special K vanilla almond with vanilla Almond Breeze
- 2 litres of water! Pin It


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Woot! VEGAS! That sounds exciting. Good luck with recommitting! YOU CAN DO IT!