Thursday, September 11, 2008

Larry the Lobster

I had to get up early for a chiro appointment yesterday, so breakfast was just a quick Special K bar on the way out the door....more like a pre-breaky snack I suppose. (BTW...those Peanut Almond ones are OK, but pretty dry). When I got back I was lounging on the couch with my book while Mom slept in, so had some coffee and a plum to tide me over. Later I made us tuna sammiches for lunch.

Dinner was out at Fisherman's Cove in Eastern Passage....and big touristy waterside restaurant called Boondocks. It was's off season now, so it wasn't super busy or anything and because the weather is windy and a lot colder we couldn't sit outside. I had expected it to be nicer, but Mom was happy with it so all was good.

We decided to order the Surf-n-Turf platter for two. It was MASSIVE. Caesar salads to start, steak to share, a lobster to share (poor Larry!), a huge piece of lightly battered haddock, shrimp, scallops, two huge dishes of steamed mussels, baked potatoes, rice pilaf, steamed veggies, and corn on the cob.

The steak was stringy so I only ate about half of my that was fine. And I purposely only put half of my potato on my plate. I had a few forkfuls of rice off the tray but didn't put any on my actual plate. The haddock was good with some tarter sauce on it, but I ate it last so I didn't eat much because I was full. I of course did eat all of my share of poor Larry, plus most of the mussels and all of my scallops and shrimpies. Mostly dipped in butter, but it was only a small dish of butter and I barely used 1/3 of it. I ate a good portion of the veggies, but the corn on the cob was way overcooked.

Most of it was pretty tasty, but I guess I'm becoming a snob after all of the quite nice places DBF and I have been for dinner here. I had fun with Mom, but it's certainly not a place I would chose to go again. And the service was freaking terrible. The place wasn't busy at all, and at first he was basically rushing us on our drink choices, then once he brought our food....he never came back. Good thing we didn't really need anything. I actually had to flag him down to get the tartar sauce at one point. And it took forever for him to come clear our table when we were obviously done. He got a shitty tip for his shitty service and we didn't stay for dessert.

Mom quite enjoyed herself though, aside from the slowass server, so all in all a big success.

We are off to Mahone Bay today, so breakfast of coffee and fruit and maybe a bagel or something before we go. Lunch and fudge when we get there. :) No idea about dinner but I'll probably whip something up here. Pin It


Marissa said...

Glad you're having a good time with your mom!!

I'm with you...I always give a bad tip if the service is bad. I worked as a waitress for 4 years so I understand that tips are important but you should still have to work for those tips. It shouldn't be given that you get 15% or whatever just because.

Carolyn said...

Sounds ike quite the feast! I absolutely loathe bad service at a restaurant. Drives me insane. If I'm eating out and spending money on food I could probably make myself at home for like 1/4 of the price, I expect the service and the atmosphere to make up for it! You'd think waiters want a shit tip or something! Grrrr.....

Glad you are having a great time with your Mom though. I know what's it's like to not live in the same city as your Mom. Enjoy every minute of it!

Cat_82 said...

that dinner sounds massive and delicious. Too bad the service sucked...I hate it when that happens.

It sounds like you're having such a grea time with your mommy!

I never stay for dessert or coffee when the service is bad...I always falg them down for the bill, and then try to leave as quickly as possible. I agree with Marissa...they should still earn their tip.

SOunds like you made good choices at dinner though, so keep up the great work!!

Jen said...

It sounds like a lot of fun!! Except for the bad serving...I get frustrated with tipping sometimes...especially if you go somewhere and it's already worked into your's called a "Gratuity" for a reason!!!

Sounds like you and the mom are having a great time though!!!

Bi0nicw0man said...

I worked as a server for a very very long time, so more than anyone I believe that tips should be earned. I don't think this guy cared at all. He had tables all over the restaurant and just seemed to forget about us. He was nice enough, he just didn't do anything extra to earn any extra money from us. Honestly we probably shouldn't have tipped at all, but I just can't do that.

Phoenixrising said...

Sounds like you are having an adventurous week with your mom!