Friday, September 19, 2008

Recipe - Baked Chicken & Bean Rollups

This is the recipe from the "bean book" the dietician sent home with DBF. I made these for the three of us last night, and while I was making them I was skeptical, but they turned out really good....all of us enjoyed them. And holy filling Batman. Mom and I each had one, DBF was allowed two...served with salad....and we were all freaking stuffed.

- 2 cups white pea beans (Navy beans), cooked & cooled (I just bought a cooking required...rinsed)
- 2 cups white skinless chicken breast meat, shredded (I used the two breasts from a pre-cooked deli chicken because I was in a hurry)
- 1 cup medium or hot chunky salsa
- 1.5 cups shredded Monteray Jack or Cheddar Cheese (I used only 1 cup and it was more than time I'll use light)
- 6 x 10 inch flour tortillas (I bought whole grain flax tortillas and they were fantastic!)
- light sour cream for serving (if desired)

I also added a few dashes of cumin and a couple of chopped green onions. The recipe indicates you could add peppers or onions or jalepenos if you like. I might like some fresh tomatoes chopped up in there. Quite versatile really.

Mix the beans, chicken, salsa, cheese (& seasonings & added veggies) in a large bowl. Evenly split the filling amongst the six tortillas. Roll each one up burrito style, making sure to tuck the ends in as you go, so you have little "packages". (I suck at this by the way.) Place on a cookie sheet, seamed side down.

Bake in a pre-heated 400 degree oven for 10-15 minutes until browned. (Mine didn't really brown, but the tortillas were crispy to the touch.)

Et voila! That's it. Let stand maybe 3 minutes, then serve.

(According to the recipe these are about 485 cals each, but I used less cheese and obviously it would depend on the salsa and tortilla nutritional info.)

We had two leftover and I'm going to try freezing them because I think they will reheat later fantastically. Pin It


eurydice said...

i think if you add cheese to anything it will turn out yummy!

oh, and my mom's recipe is the one on the back of the chipits chocolate chip bag!!! but she does all of this weird tweaking based on how the dough feels, like more vanilla, more flour, etc....

Phoenixrising said...

those sound GOOOOOOD kinda like a chicken chimichanga! YUM! Gotta try that!

Julie said...

This actually sounds good. I am a bit of a beanaphobe. I need to try eating more beans, this might be a good way to start!

Jennifer said...

That sounds really yummy! :)

PS: I'm back with my blog. Couldn't log in for a while, but I'm definitely up and running again :)

JavaChick said...

Sounds good, I may have to give this recipe a try.