Wednesday, September 03, 2008

What to do with Flax Seeds?

I don't know why, but while wandering around the organic section at the grocery store last night, I picked up a tub of flax seeds. I think because I was surprised how cheap they were. $4 for a tub that will probably last me the rest of the year. I know I like them, but I'm not sure where to use them. Muffins? Salads? What do you do with your flax seeds??

I hit the gym after work like a good little girl. 60 solid minutes of cardio (treadmill, crosstrainer, recumbent bike) followed by 100 crunches on the ab apparatus. Felt so good.

This through off my whole timeline though. That's what happens when I go to the gym after work instead of in the morning. It was 6:30 by the time I got out the door, so almost 7:00 by the time I started working out...then stopping at the store afterwards...I didn't get home until almost 9:00, and then I feel guilty about eating a big dinner so late at night. I was going to just have some cereal and fruit or something but I really wanted my Chicken Pie, so I ate it and some baby carrots.

Today is a similar plan except I'm going to try to get to the gym earlier...guess we'll see how work plays out. Today is back to HIIT (I think elliptical today since it's been a while) and my full strength routine. I cannot believe that our weather is still sooooo freaking no walk for me today.

I almost forgot to eat this morning until I realized that was what was probably causing most of my headache....

- coffee
- OJ
- yummy fresh D'Italiano bread slice with light Miracle Whip, shredded roasted chicken, and a bit of honey mustard...there is nothing like fresh soft bread!
- 1/2 banana
- baby carrots, baby cuke slices, cherry toms, 1/2 warmed pita, edamame hummus
- plum
- 1/2 Clif Bar before gym (carrot cake!)
- maple BBQ salmon, grilled and served with Asian slaw
- something with dairy...either yogurt & blueberries, or Special K with skim milk
- grapes if I'm still snacky Pin It


Haley said...

I've become hooked on ground flax seeds in my oatmeal every morning. I ran out yesterday and ate my oatmeal plain, and was surprised how bland it was.

eurydice said...

to add to haley's comment, i've read that flax seeds just pass through your system and have no real benefit. they have to be ground for you to reap the benefits of them.

Phoenixrising said...

I've seen ground flax seeds in the store, but yeah, no clue what to put them in? Think they'd blend into my morning smoothie? Apparently they're supposed to be super good for you... hmmm thanks for the food for thought... no pun intended... oh who am I kidding, it was intended and it was corny as all get out! LOL! Have a good one!

Bi0nicw0man said...

Oh sure, Eury! Now you tell me. Well tooooo bad...I'm eatin em is as!

Lynn said...

Nope, you have to use a coffee grinder to grind them or your body can't absorb them.

I have them in oatmeal and muffins.

Carolyn said...

I sprinkle it on my cereal sometimes. Good way to get in all the goodness without the overpowering taste. A lot of people cook with it although I've never tried it. Let us know what you come up with, I've got a bag of it sitting in my cupboard!

spunkysuzi said...

I put them in smoothies, on cereal, in oatmeal, wherever i can ;) However i do grind them and keep them in the freezer/fridge to keep them fresh!! They are great for extra fibre.

Bi0nicw0man said...

Gah, if I'd known I would have bought them pre-ground!!! Booooo!

Tiffa said...

Flax Seeds.... I have the ground ones as well. I put a teaspoon in smoothies, in oatmeal and other cereal. I also sprinkle a bit on my sandwiches and in my salads.

Karen said...

Don't feel bad! Oprah didn't know either until Dr. Oz told her the difference! lol Just wanted to let you know that I have started a blog! Can't be a part of the "Halifax Blog" group without a blog now can I??!! It sucks right now, but at least its a start! You can check it out at bring your friends, blogging to myself is kinda sad :(

Alli said...

I actually crush my flax seeds in a coffee grinder so they are a fine powder and then I mix them into my yogurt!