Monday, October 20, 2008

Apparently the exercise is paying off!

151.8 this morning, which is down 2.4 pounds. I truly thought it wasn't going to happen because I've been eating like crazy this week. Especially was a big ol' carbfest up in here. I'm so stoked that all my extra cardio efforts have paid off!

I took the day off from the gym yesterday because my neck/arm were really bugging me and I had lots of errands to take care of. I figured the back-to-back Friday night/Saturday afternoon sweatfests were good enough. I did try to go for a walk in the afternoon yesterday, but it was too cold and I wasn't dressed appropriately so I only lasted about 20 minutes. Better than a kick in the pants though. :)

Last night I made a modified version of a recipe I saw on Rachel Ray the other day. They call it Butternut Bowties, but since I made mine with rotini I guess it needs a new name. :) I had a butternut squash I needed to use up before I go away so I thought I'd give it a go. Pretty good, but as I have found lately with a lot of RR recipes, it could definitely use more seasoning. I added some cooked, crumbled hot Italian Sausage to give it something different. I also stirred most of the Parmesan into the mixture before putting it in the baking dish. It made 8 pretty decent sized servings, so I ate 2 (yikes!), kept 2 out for dinners before I go away, and froze the rest. (Oh, by the way, the ingredient list fails to mention the pasta! I used a 454g box of Catelli Smart rotini.) Next time I'll fiddle with the seasonings and maybe add sauteed garlic and onions.

I told my massage therapist that I'm going to lay off any strength training between now and my flight so that I don't have any uneccessary stiffness and he agreed that it's a good idea, so tonight I will hit up the gym for about 45 mins of cardio only. I'll see how tomorrow plays out and I might do the same.

Today's out the fridge!...

- ww English Muffin with egg salad (1 boiled egg, 1 tbsp light Miracle Whip, green onion)
- coffee
- finish up the Artic Kiwis
- tossed salad with deli turkey & light Ranch dressing
- Fibre One bar (Sobey's had them on for $2, I couldn't pass them up!)
- Butternut Pasta, served with steamed brocolli & carrots
- fresh pineapple
- maybe another granola bar or something

Lots of water on the advice of my massage therapist. Pin It


Jen said...

WOOT THAT IS FANTASTIC!!!! Congrats girl!!!! It's good that you can still do cardio if you can't do the strength training! Most people would use that as an excuse to give up but you are a rockstar!!!

I am so excited for your upcoming trip!!!! (Even though you have been there! I still can't wait to hear about it and know what you are talking about!!!)

We didn't have a cell phone thing for BMG...just the latecomers (which I totally thought was unscripted and felt so bad for the girl!!!)...our finale was pretty friggin great...I can't even describe how many streamers there were...and at one point of the guys was standing on the chair right in front of us so my friend and I ducked under the streamers cause we were laughing so hard - cause he was creeping us out - we didn't want him to point us out for anything!!!!

Jennifer said...

OMG YAY! Congrats on the WI! That's amazing! So have your reached your goal for your Vegas trip?

Marissa said...

I'm going to have to try that sounds delish!

Vanessa said...

Congrats on the awesome WI! That exercise really does pay off :)

tash said...

Great loss!

Shirls said...

2.4?? sweeet!!! nice work!

Roxy said...

Great job girl...ok im convinced Gym after work for sure!

eurydice said...

alright! i love exercise and really, it's the key to staying slim!