Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Food for Thought

So I spent a little time considering how I possibly lost weight last week. I know I shouldn't dwell on it, but honestly sometimes the human body is a mysterious thing! I decided to try to list what I ate while I was away, and it helped...turns out that over the 4 days, my calorie intake was actual pretty good. Yay me!

- Kashi bar & dbl tall no-fat vanilla latte at airport
- BK sausage/egg/cheese english muffin @ Montreal airport
- roll of Mentos and mixed nuts on plane
- couple of Halloween size chocolate bars at hotel (I was starving and it was all I had)
- beef soft taco & refried beans for lunch (didn't eat the rice)
- drank only vodka/sodas at cocktail party, one big scoop of yummy dressed salad topped with big stack of fantastic, fresh crab
- out with the bosses for shared sushi (basically 1 spicy tuna roll and a couple pieces of sashimi) & one $14 cucumber vodka cocktail

- continental breaky spread at exhibit hall: coffee with vanilla syrup & skim milk, OJ, fresh melon & pineapple, croissant & another pastry thingy
- Bill Maher luncheon: salad with champagne vinegrette (so good!), stuffed chicken with some sort of yummy sauce, spinach, fingerling potatoes, just water to drink, about 1/2 of the chocolate mousse cake dessert, and coffee with Splenda and a splash of cream
- afternoon lemonade stand in hall - 2 glasses I think
- we had those Halloween chocolate bars on our booth table, so more than a couple of those (did you know that Americans had no idea what a Coffee Crisp was?)
- exhibit hall cocktail party: couple of vodka/sodas, fresh carved beef for a soft taco piled high with guacamole, tomatoes, cheese and salsa (best year yet for food!)
- 1 glass of champage at after-party

- continental breaky spread again: I added a bowl of granola and skim milk to the mix because I wasn't sure when we would get lunch
- definitely a couple more of the Halloween chocolates...damn PB cups!
- late lunch - I really wanted a burger but we were outside and it convinced me to order a club salad instead - blue cheese dressing & bacon on there, but not enough to really be concerned. :)
- late dinner - the bosses took us to Smith & Wollensky - I opted to skip the appy, I ordered the smallest steak (the gorgonzola filet, and it was still 10 oz!), but it was the kind of place where you share the side dishes, so I had a couple of scoops of truffled macaroni and lots of the green beans with walnuts & goat cheese, shared the creme brule trio with my boss, 2 glasses of pinot noir
- couple more vodka/sodas when we stopped a few times while walking up the Strip after dinner (we needed the walk after all that beef!)

- thought I was meeting the bosses for a meal, so I only got coffee in the hotel
- turns out we were just hanging out by the pool, so I waited to eat...finally got a slice of pizza at Caesar's Palace around 2pm, with diet Pepsi (yay me!)
- then I started walking and walking and walking
- stopped around 4:30 for Starbucks - iced grande no-fat vanilla latte & an espresso brownie
- then more walking and walking and walking
- finally decided I should get water & a bag of chips around 7:00 (honestly I think I was just being too cheap to eat a real meal)
- more walking
- at the airport, there were like no options in the new terminal I was in, so I had an order of fries from the only little restaurant available (they had huge sub-sandwiches and I just couldn't face that much food at that time of night)
- then some ginger ale and that tiny little packet of bits n bites on the plane
- after that I think it was just some mixed nuts to tide me over to Halifax, and even then I didn't really eat much when I got home....of course, that's because it was now Sunday afternoon and I needed to sleep! so Sunday's food was next to nothing, which helped even out the rest of the all in all, not the healthiest choices, but it all worked out...apparently. :) Pin It


Jen said...

mm, was that the cheesesteak place in Vegas airport??? If so I went there too...and I had a massive sub...and I was sick to my stomach the whole way home... :(

I LOVE the idea of the fresh chicken and beef for tacos...

OH and I am SOOOOO going to Vegas with you next time! It sounds like you had so much fun!!!

Bi0nicw0man said...

ya it was that place. Didn't it annoy you that Westjet is in the new terminal and there is NOTHING there. The other terminal had tons of shops and food and STARBUCKS! I was so bored.

haha, I did almost all work stuff. I wanted to go with you and see all the cool shows! I've been there 4 times and never get to see anything I want to see.

Shirls said...

that is some impressive work! writing things down is a huge helper, even if we sometimes don't want to see it, I'm truly impressed

Shirls said...

btw - thanks to you and Jen for the westjet, new terminal info, I'll make sure to bring some snacks before getting to the airport!

Lynn said...

Well I think you did awesome foodwise - obviously mr. scale agrees :)

Mon said...

re: the new terminal -- thats why you should fly Air Canada ;)

re: coffee crisp - they don't have cadbury down there at all. When I lived in NYC my mom was always sending me jumbo bags of smarties because they don't exist. Needed my smartie fix!

Bi0nicw0man said...

But the Coffee Crisps came in a box of Nestle stuff, mixed in with the KitKats, etc. Weird!

Bi0nicw0man said...

Oh, and I did fly AC on the way there! And those bastards don't even offer you a treat with your tiny beverage. boooo. haha.

farm girl. said...

no coffee crisp?!?! those poor people!

sounds like a great time, despite all the work stuff...

Angie All The Way said...

Wow girl, great job at keeping track! I've noticed too that our bodies respond positively in a short term boost in calorie intake - it boosts your leptin hormone :-)