Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Also known as "the day the chocolate treaties leave the house". Haha!

So, I'm pretty proud of myself. I thought that there was no way I had time for the gym yesterday. I got up late so I couldn't go in the morning, then I had a massage appointment mid-afternoon which threw off my work day. I worked late to make up for that time, and I still wasn't done by 6:00. I had a bunch of stuff to get done, and decided that they gym was the thing that had to go.

I finished work...ran to Bulk Barn and Sobeys for last minute baking things...came home, baked off the cookies (at least I'd prepped the dough the night before), made dinner at the same time, decorated the cookies, started carving my pumpkin (cleaned and scooped)...then realized that I'd been so efficient that it was only 8:30 so I hauled my ass out the door to the gym. I only had about an hour when I got there, but I made it worthwhile.

25 minutes on the good elliptical, 15 minutes plus 1 minute cooldown on the recumbant bike. Squats, crunches, lunges, and ab twists in between. Nice. I even managed to read another few chapters of my book for book club while I was there.

Home by 10pm to finish carving my pumpkin, had a relaxing shower, and even squeaked in some TV. Whew.

I did manage to eat a few handfuls of candy corn that was leftover from the cookie decorating, but I'd missed lunch earlier in the day so I think that points-wise it all worked out. Again, not the healthiest choice, but I'm not going to dwell on it.

Today I'm trying to be careful so I can have some treats tonight. I got up super late, so I basically eliminated a meal. No gym today since it's I'm taking days off in between so as to not tighten up my muscles that are trying to get better.

Eats for the day (as far as I can tell so far):

- triple grande no-fat vanilla latte
- Kashi Bar
- Honeycrisp apple
- half of a tomato & cheese sammich
- leftover pork loin chops, sauteed onions and mushrooms, steamed asparagus
- couple of Halloween cookies and maybe some wine at a friend's place tonight
- oh and you know there will be a few chocolate treaties from the treatie bowl!
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Amy said...

Anne is here:

Jen said...

Also known as "the day the chocolate treaties leave the house". *laughs* you kill me! I love it!!!

Your cookies are too cute!!

And you are friggin AMAZING!!! You got a LOT accomplished yesterday!!!

Julie said...

The cookies look good!

tash said...

Delicious looking cookies!

Biggest Loser Blog Edition said...

That'swhat I'm talkin' 'bout!!! Boooyah! You kick ass girl! Your cookies are adorable too!


Cat_82 said...

Jaime....lose cookies look delicious..... I want one.

Cat_82 said...

I meant 'those' cookies look delicious...

Phoenixrising said...

AWESOME! YOu're so cute!

Sarah said...

I LOVE candy corn. I didn't buy any this year to avoid over indulgence.