Thursday, October 16, 2008

In a Hurry

Well, I just used up all my blogging time by reading all of your blogs, so this will have to be quick!

Had a chiro appointment this morning...things are going well, but that arm pain just isn't subsiding. Chiro set me up with the massage therapist in his office, who is sure that I have an issue with my rotator cuff (hello mousing all day and driving a stick shift!) and the muscles and muscles casing that go with it. I'm going back at 1:00 for my first session with him...I have faith that this might be the answer.

Did I mention that all of this is costing me a bloody fortune (even with the insurance I get through DBF's work)?! Lame.

Then after that I have a meeting with my financial advisor. Scary. I wonder how my investments are looking these days. Not sure I actually want to know.

Due to all of that, I'll probably be skipping the gym today since I'll have to recoup after massage plus make up all of this missed work time. Fine with me, it's only cardio day anyway. I went last night and worked my ass off.

So, my plan is totally off the cuff....I don't see any cooking in my day that's for sure!

Goal for today: lots and lots of water

Today's eats such as I can see so far:

- 1/2 serving of Arthur's Very Berry Smoothie
- triple grande vanilla non-fat latte
- Kashi granola bar
- toasted ww english muffin with real cheese & tomato
- carrot sticks
- rest of smoothie
- WW Smart Ones raviolli & huge side salad
- yogurt and whatever fruit/berries I pick up today
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Jen said...

I hope they get something figured out for your arm soon!!! OUCH!!!

*sigh* I got the statement for one of my investments the other made me want to cry...I am not a gambler and I prefer to have my money be a bit more safe...I think I might start looking into GICs instead!!!

Teresa said...

I'm off to the chiro and massage therapist myself. Lucky you having insurance. Hope they find out whats wrong. Take care.

JavaChick said...

I work on a computer all day as well. A few years back I started having serious problems with my mouse arm - lots of pain, it was even hard to sleep at night.

I started using my mouse with my left hand to give my right arm a break. It took a while to get used to, but I did get used to it. It made a huge difference, the pain went away. I still notice tightness in my right wrist - yoga helped, but it never completely went away.

Now I tend to switch back and forth. If I notice one arm is starting to bother me, I'll switch to the other.

Don't know if your problem is the same as mine, but it may not hurt to try switching mouse arms for a while.

Angie All The Way said...

Damn girl, I totally feel for you! If I didn't have Section B paying for my massage I don't know where I would be today, probably curled up in a ball somewhere. I owe most of my progress to my massage therapist :-)

I'll be interested to hear about what your issue is on Saturday - I know someone who had issues sounding similar to yours and they went to a chiro, then a physio and this specific physio did "manipulations" and she told her that she had "air" stuck around in the shoulder joint and was causing the problems and she did a manipulation and it instantly felt better. Before that, her arm was to the point where she felt like it was dead weight and she couldn't really use it.

(Look at us, it's like we're old ladies talking about our ailments! lol)

eurydice said...

i hope they can cure your pain. i know what that is like... i had to pay full price for all of my appointments since i'm out of work with no benefits... it's the pits!