Thursday, October 09, 2008

Purple Cauliflower

Yes, you read that right...purple cauliflower was on my dinner plate last night. And boy was it tasty!

Yesterday was another great OP day. In fact, I even missed one of my snacks and it didn't even phase me...probably because of all the water I've been drinking. I thought I wasn't going to get my last 1/2 litre in, but then my Mom phoned right at bedtime so I ended up finishing up my water while chatting with her.

My workout yesterday was excellent too. I managed to get to the gym in the middle of my work afternoon, which was good because I had to do a couple hours of work last night so it was a good trade-off.

I went to the chiro again (and will go again today). I cannot wait for this thing to finally relax and release. I've had similar problems before but never anything that held on this long or caused this kind of pain. It can actually bring tears to my eyes in certain situations and it has been dragging on sooooo long I just really want it to go away. He thinks maybe two more sessions and it should let go, but of course he doesn't know that for sure. Either way, it's costing a small fortune....especially since I'll have to keep going for a while to make sure it doesn't keep happening. Stupid body.

Oh, and I asked him about my gym stuff and he says I'm not doing anything I shouldn't be so I can keep going and doing what I do. Whew.

Today I'll try to get to the gym in the afternoon for cardio day. Funny how both of my cardio days the weather has been crappy so I haven't been able to just go for a nice walk this week. It was nice yesterday but of course I didn't have the time to enjoy it. Ah well, I actually like being at the gym because I walk/workout harder than I would strolling by the lake. It's just not as pretty!

Dinner plans are for a small steak I found in the freezer with more steamed brocolli & purple cauliflower. This might change though because if I feel OK after my 5:30 chiro appointment, I'm going to head to the mall and start shopping for clothes for my business trip. (Bad thing about working from home most of the time is that I never have appropriate clothing for these trade shows!) If I do that, then either sushi or Subway will likely be for dinner.

Today's goals: 3 litres of water, 1 hour of cardio, stay OP, healthy dinner choice


- Red River cereal with pumpkin, raisins & brown sugar
- coffee
- grapes
- homemade butternut squash soup, ww toast w/ melted marble cheddar
- apple w/ light Laughing Cow wedge
- zucchini choc chip bran muffin
- either steak & veggies or mall food fair
- Liberte Svelt vanilla yogurt with strawberries
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Roxy said...

Love your profile pic girl, the hair is fabulous!

Lynn said...

Ohh so neat, where did you find that gorgeous plant? :)

Vanessa said...

Nice, I want a purple cauliflower!

Phoenixrising said...

... did it taste like grapes? Just curious... ;) WEEEEEEEE!

Biggest Loser Blog Edition said...

That is nuts! I think I've seen the purple cauliflower before but was a little afraid of why it was purple! Does it taste different that the regular? I want to try it! You just reminded me that a have a giant bag of shrimp the the freezer that I have use - i love shrimp!

I feel your pain :-( I hope it eases up for you soon! I remember having a hard time trusting doing the exercise when I was in pain. I was always worried that they didn't really "understand" what was going on and that it would hurt my progress. It never did though :)

Sorry I'm signed in as BLBE

Alli said...

How cool and colorful! I have never seen one of those before! i have seen an orange on though. How did it taste?