Monday, October 06, 2008


Yes people, seriously it's time to get serious!!

The last month has truly been a free-for-all. I can't remember the last time I actually stayed OP. I think it happened once since my Mom's visit...and that was a month ago! I have no one to blame for what I saw on the scale this morning but myself. 156. Ugh. That's up another 2.2lbs from last week...and as high as I'm ever willing to go. It's so sad that I spent all of August bringing myself down to 150, only to let it go racing back up again. Well not any more dammit!

DBF left this morning for 33 days at sea. Yuck. The only good part is that now my menus and schedule are totally flexible. Funny how he was on a diet and lost 10lbs in just over two weeks, but I managed to gain. My gym time went out the window because I was staying home to spend time with him in the evenings, and my eating habits sucked because I was paying more attention to what he was eating than I was to myself. No more distractions!

I already went to the gym this morning after I dropped him off (with a full-on head cold that started yesterday...but I had a plan and I wasn't changing it just because I am sick!). HIIT on the cross-trainer, followed by my full strength training routine. Later today I will go for a walk, and then tonight I have a chiro appointment so I'll have to take it easy.

After the gym, I stopped at Sobey's and stocked up on massive amounts of produce and other healthy things. I overdid it once again, but I definitely have no excuses for good lunches or dinners for the next week. Veggies are the main ingredient, with the meat and sauces being the side dishes. Time to burn off some of those extra pounds!

I'm going to make up a split batch of bran muffins tonight for snacks. Half dozen zucchini & choc chip. Other half dozen pumpkin & pecan. Yummmmmm.


Today's goals: 3 litres water, stay OP

Today's eats....

- pre-gym: 1/2 Fibre Source granola bar
- post -gym: other 1/2
- Red River cereal with pumpkin & brown sugar
- 1 serving Bolthouse banana berry smoothie
- coffee
- 1/2 ww pita warmed and stuffed with ff roasted turkey, 1/2 oz real cheddar, salad greens, tomatoes & honey dijon
- apple with light Laughing Cow wedge
- roasted buttercup squash, salad, & Nutrigrain chicken nuggets
- grapes if I'm snacky
- maybe a taste-test muffin
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Carolyn said...

No more excuses!!! Glad you hit the gym today, even with the cold!

What recipe do you use for the pumpkin muffins? I've got hald a can left over from my pumpkin cheesecake on the weekend...

Shirls said...

I think your plan is great and obviously your already putting it into action, impressive!

Cat_82 said...

Of course you'll get back down to 150....I must say that I KNOW for a fact that you have made it to the gym a few times, even if you haven't been eating super OP, which is still great news....but you're right, no more free for all....I'm with you on that one.

Sorry to hear about your cold. I had one a few weeks ago, but I was lucky that it only really lasted 3 days....hope yours clears up too!!

Jen said...

HOnestly Jaime, you might not like the scale fluctuations but I think you handle them like a PRO!!! A LOT of people (besides a few I have seen on here!) don't have a "red light" weight...and they let 3 lbs turn into 10 turn into 20 turn into starting all over are amazing because you see a bad number and you are a rockstar!!!

I agree, I have no doubt that you will be back down again right away!!! I look forward to reading about it!!!

paige said...

I am with you on the no more excuses!
Good for you for hitting the gym!

Karen said...

You know what?! We all have our bad days/weeks. But, what makes you stand out is the fact that you just set your mind to it and get on track and see those postive results! I will keep you in mind for Mahone Bay for sure. It was awesome. On the way there I was dreading it kinda cuz I thought DF would hate it. Turns out he had a great time. I might post some facebook pics of the scarecrows tonight. OH, can I have the pumpkin muffin recipe too please?

Lynn said...

You can do it!! You have such an awesome dedication to your gym routine, so just get back into it and you'll be fine!!

Jennifer said...

You are my hero!

Vanessa said...

Good job going to the gym!

JavaChick said...

Men lose weight easier - once they put their mind to it. Frustrating as heck.

You'll get back on track though. I have faith in you. :)

eurydice said...

it's much easier to lose weight when you are eating alone - good luck :o)

Julie said...

We are gonna dust ourselves off and get back on the wagon... No excuses!
Good job for getting to the gym and having a well stocked kitchen.

Sorry to hear your man is gone for so long :(

Angie All The Way said...

You totally rock!