Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vanity Sizing

Boy is my shoulder stiff today. Thankfully my chiro gave me a day off in between appointments!

I managed to squeak in a sweaty 25 minute jaunt on the elliptical at the gym last night. I went in planning on doing about 45 minutes, but I had other things to do so couldn't stay. It was a good workout for the time though. I'm really enjoying the good elliptical right now (I call it the "good" elliptical because the gym has two types and I find the stride too short on the other ones.) It has all sorts of different settings, and I usually use the variable cross-country, but last night I used the straight intervals and it was a good workout for my legs.

Does anyone else shop at RW&Co fairly regularly? Have you noticed any changes in their sizing? I have bought work clothes there on and off for years...and I used to be at least a size 10...sometimes a 12 depending on the fit of the pants/skirt. Then when I started losing weight I was more like an 8, sometimes 10. I have noticed that often I wear a small shirt there now...but not always. Anyway, I was in there on Saturday trying on every dress on the rack and I was picking up 8s, but the girl was grabbing 6s...and in the end I bought a SIZE FREAKING 4!!! Seriously, even if that's vanity sizing, it's amazing. The dress is a form fitting strapless on top, with a bit of a flaired skirt...quite simple...but I'm still having trouble believing it's a 4.

The dress pants I got are a size 8, and the pencil skirt is a size 6. I bought a size 8 straight skirt there in February and it's already sloppy big around the waist, which I found odd. My weight has maintained so I'm guessing I've lost inches around the middle. I don't notice in my jeans, etc because I wear them more around my hips. I ran into my trainer last night and asked her if she could pull my measurements from when I started the gym in March so I can get remeasured and see what the deal is.

Anyway, today's plan is for another lovely walk at lunch (it was crisp, slightly warm and gorgeous yesterday!) and then hopefully a proper cardio/strength workout after work.

Today's eats...

- Kashi Crunch with vanilla Almond Breeze
- coffeeeeeeeeee
- grapes
- toasted ww english muffin with egg salad
- carrot sticks
- mini-banana
- leftover pork loin chop, steamed brocolli, roasted spuds
- club soda cupcake

Today's goals...3 litres of water, walk, stay on plan

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Anonymous said...

i am always the same size no matter where and i was a size 4 their for my dress i wore on the weekend and it was friggin TIGHT. i don't know know if they are vanity sized. you are just small.

Shirls said...

that is super exciting! to see changes that are not related to the scale is thrilling.

I know people have a hate on for vanity sizing but frankly this girl sometimes simply needs someone to throw her a bone of hope ;0)

Karen said...

I think you are right about RW, because I bought a size 4 dress there over the summer, and trust me, I am not a size 4. But, pretending that I am makes me feel good, so lets just go with it :)

eurydice said...

vanity sizing makes me so angry!!!

Karen said...

Irt your comment: too bad I have mac and cheese taken out for dinner...maybe a small serving and then a salad.

Vanessa said...

I hate vanity sizing!!!

ayearfromnow said...

the day I can fit in RW&Co clothes I will absolutely send you a note and go bananas!!! (it's actually one of my goals!!!)

the clothes look soooo nice in there -- well they look nice from the outside of the store, I don't go in -- I have enough socks!!! ha ha ha!

Phoenixrising said...

size 4!!! That's AWESOME!!! I'm still an 18... but my pants do feel loose... hmmm perhaps it's time to go shopping... really any excuse will do! LOL! weeeee!

Angie All The Way said...

Wooohoooo you're a skinny mini! Maybe it's not vanity sizing if your other clothes are baggy now?

I went into Roots a little while ago ato get a few gym t-shirts and the size frikkin SMALL was too big!!!!!! I am NOT a small!! I had to ask the saleslady about it and she's like 'yeah they're running a little big'. I will never be a "small" - medium yes, but not a small!

Jen said...

bah!! I like seeing the numbers on Vanity sizing, but it can be frustrating because as much I like buying stuff, I hate the process of getting I don't want to take a million sizes in the dressing room...

I personally don't care what size I wear (sometimes going up sucks but has to be done to look good) but I would probably die if I had something in a 4 (who am I kidding, I was ecstatic when my lulu hoodie was a 10!) so I totally get it!!!!