Friday, October 10, 2008

Who throws fresh made Rice Krispie squares in the trash?

I do! I do!

Last night I was invited over to a girlfriend's place. They do a weekly girl's night to watch Grey's Anatomy...which I don't really follow...but it's more of a social thing anyway so I thought I'd go. So I made a batch of peanut butter Rice Krispie squares to take over. But when I showed up, there was only three of us! So I ate a couple and they ate a couple, but then my friend sent me home with the rest of them....which of course called my name from the kitchen counter and convinced me I should eat a couple more. Well that was enough of that, so while finishing my dishes before bed, I pulled two small ones off the plate and wrapped them up for the weekend and then threw the remainder in the garbage. Buh-bye!

Two days of chiro treatments left me freaking stiff and sore, so I chose not to go to the gym yesterday. My body was telling me it needed a day off. Fine by me. I'll head there today for cardio, then tomorrow for a proper HIIT and strength training workout. It's gorgeous outside today, so if it stays that way I'll hopefully be mowing our lawn for the final time of the year too.

The purple cauliflower actually came from Sobey's. They had orange, green, or purple. It didn't really taste any different...maybe a bit sweeter, but that could be my mind playing tricks on me just because I expected it to maybe taste different. Either way, it was good and looked all fun mixed with the green brocolli!

Yaaieeeee....long weekend! I don't always get the Canadian long weekends because the company I work for deals with mainly American clients...but it's also Columbus Day in the US so it's a good weekend for me. No turkey dinner unfortunately because DBF is away and all that work for one person is silly...but I might pick up a turkey breast and make myself some turkey soup or something. And maybe a small apple crumble just to feel a little Fall festivity. We shall see. (Conveniently my gym is open on Sunday & Monday so if I feel like indulging I can still earn some APs!)

Today's goals: 3 litres of water, stay OP, exercise of some variety

Today's eats...

- coffee
- Red River cereal with 1/2 banana & natural pb
- grapes
- toasted cheese & tomato sammich, pickles
- apple w/ light Laughing Cow wedge
- zucchini choc bran muffin
- Smart Ones raviolli, mixed greens salad
- maybe a treat after shopping tonight....yogurt & berries?

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Phoenixrising said...

WOW... ok, I totally would have caved!!! You know me and peanut butter...mmmmmmmmmmmslurp!

eurydice said...

Wow, good for you!

Do they have swiss chalet there? You could always order in!

carla said...

I hear ya.

sometimes that's just what youve got to do (your post made me think about the seinfeld with george and the ├ęclair in the trash...see it?)