Friday, November 28, 2008


There's just so much going on in my kitchen right now, I don't know what to eat! Muffins, oatmeal, new granola. Stew, salmon, sammiches. Cheese, boiled egg, three kinds of juice. I'll have to plan carefully over the weekend so I don't waste anything.

I'm feeling tired and blah today. I've totally been staying up way too late and can't get out of the rut. I'm a nighthawk at the best of times, but especially when DBF is away for long periods of time. It's fine once in a while, but this has been going on almost two months. No wonder I'm always tired and unmotivated to do anything active. That midnight episode of Law & Order is so not worth it!! But even if I do try to go to sleep earlier, I can't...because I slept too long in the morning. Vicious circle.

Anywho, at least it's Friday!

I almost did really good on my menu yesterday. Tons of spinach and no extra snacking....yaaaieeee....until the evening....booooooo....when I was putting Xmas decorations up in the living room window and decided that I needed chocolate to help with the festivities. OK, seriously, when did a random box of Bridge Mix become a festive treat? Man I'm getting way too good at justifying this stuff. Yet another vicious cycle I'm in.

Good news is there are no treats left in the house now, and I plan to keep busy with some Christmas planning and maybe some shopping tonight so that keeps me out of the cupboards. And tomorrow I'm meeting with my lovely blog girls Angie, Lesley, and Tasha for a healthy breakfast at Cora's, some fun shopping at lululemon, and a Starbucks coffee stop. If they can't keep me on track, no one can!

Today's plan:

- coffee with sploosh of egg nog (x2) = 1 point
- instant oatmeal = 3 points
- grapes = 1 point
- egg salad on crackers, with side of pickles and carrot sticks = 5 points
- apple smeared with tiny wedge of warm brie = 3 points
- leftover maple BBQ salmon filet, served with sauteed spinach "salad" (I did this last night because I didn't want a cold salad....sauteed onion & mushrooms in a smidge of olive oil, added fresh garlic, salt & pepper, then added a couple of cups of fresh spinach, a splash of water, a bit of chopped tomato, stirred and covered until wilted. So good.) = 7 points
- tea & zucchini chocolate bran muffin = 2 points

- hopefully at least an hour of cardio at some point today
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Jen said...

I think I am on the same cycle girl!!! I just NEVER seem to sleep at night anymore!!! I am blaming it on the new vision...all sorts of new things to see when it's dark in the room!!! (and unfortunately the treat thing too...I am doing that as well!!)

OKAY!!! ALLL those things that you listed that you are doing tomorrow I want to do when I come to Hali!!!! I had a dream about going to Cora's, Starbucks AND Lulu!!! (I am certain you guys won't mind! ;p)

I have ALLLLLLLL the faith in the world that you will have a great weekend!!!!

Angie All The Way said...

Oh and baby Joshua will be joining us tomorrow too! That little man is gonna get more smooches than he's ever gotten before!

If I didn't have the structure of having to leave my house in the morning to go to work, you'd be lucky if I showered every day. In fact, I know that I wouldn't! lol I would totally get trapped in that cycle. But what I do know is that I always feel soooo much better when I go to bed at a decent hour (11 is my absolute latest) and get up early. Otherwise I'm not at my best.

I remember you saying you'd make sure that Bridge Mix would be sitting there still on Sunday missy! But bright side, as you said means that none left in the house. It's just plain mean to have it there and not be able to have it anyways, right!

When does DBF come home? Will he be home for a long time?

Oh and MOST importantly, how many points are those misto egg nog things?? ;-)

Bi0nicw0man said...

Angie: DBF will be home in one week Friday...but then we both leave the following weekend for our separate Xmases. But I'll take the week!! It's more than we were originally supposed to get. He'll be home for a few weeks in January, then gone for a month...but hopefully after that things will stay calm and we'll get our trip to DR. :)

The egg nog misto is 1 point for the egg nog. That's it. It's only about 1/3 cup of the nog. I take mine without sugar, but even with it you could do it for 2 points. :)

Bi0nicw0man said...

Jen: We will be sure to talk about you tomorrow!! haha, in the good way of course. We'll need a cardboard cut out of you and Cat for sure.

Fatinah said...

I just saw your picture posted on Angie's blog - I can't believe how tiny you are! Sounds like you guys had a great visit - I'm so jealous!!!!!!