Sunday, November 02, 2008

The damage is done.

Tomorrow the scale shall tell the tale I suppose. I don't imagine it will be horrible, but I'm pretty sure there will be a gain...due to my Vegas week catching up with me, lack of gym time this week, the serious overload of Halloween candy, and the big eats yesterday.

Halloween itself started out pretty good, but I will admit to at least 8-10 treat sized chocolate bars throughout the afternoon/evening setup...and probably a few more after dinner while I was waiting for the last few kids to arrive. And let me tell you, I enjoyed every single one!! haha. It got a little out of control later in the evening when I headed over to a friends' place and a few of us proceeded to relive our childhoods by picking through their candy bucket for a few hours....rockets, swedish berries, poprocks, cheezies. Oh and a couple of those cookies I made (which were awesome by the way!).

A Halloween post with a few photos is here.

Yesterday I had a surprise birthday party to go to. I started my day right with a bowl of Kashi and didn't even have coffee....but then of course when I got to the pub I had a drink, then some cheese and veggies & dip from the trays...but after that I got hungry so ordered chicken strips and fries. Blech. Followed up with another drink back at the birthday boy's house.

All that would have been fine, but time ran late and I didn't get to the gym. My own fault for choosing sleeping and socializing...and I'm fine with that! And then I followed it up with a massive snackdown at my book club last night.

I was hosting and put together a homemade spinach dip, brie & fruit, and a cheese & meat platter. My guests brought stuffed mushrooms, a fruit topped cheesecake, two-bite brownies and berries, jalepeno cream cheese dip, and of course we had wine! I admit I actually had a stomach ache when they left. Too. Much. Cheese.

Today I had intended on getting to the gym, but even with the extra hour gained for daylight savings I still didn't have enough time. So I struck out on my 3 times per week minimum. Gah. Oh well. Maybe that pumpkin scone I had today was one of the zero calorie kind!!

Monday is a new day. (why do so many of us say that every freaking Sunday?) Pin It


Lynn said...

Who's hasn't said "Monday is a new day??!?" :)

Espressomama said...

How about I dare you back!

Mon said...

there is never such a thing as to much cheese. Sacriligious!