Thursday, November 13, 2008

Falling Down

Yesterday did NOT go as planned. And for no reason other than ME. I just didn't have the wherewithall to stick to my plan.

The morning workouts are a bad idea. I just can't pull them off unless DBF is home and I am forced to get out of bed and drive him. When he's not, I barely even wake up when the alarm is going off. I should know better. And Wednesdays I always wind up working late so it makes it that much more difficult to find the time and energy to hit the gym. Grrrr. So that's what happened....slept in, then worked late, so by the time I had dinner and ran the few errands I had to do it was like 8pm and the gym just wasn't gonna happen. Meh.

My menu plan started out it always does...but fell apart in the evening. Something about the cold weather makes me want to eat. At least I think that's it. Although that's probably more of a convenient excuse than anything. haha. Who knows, but either way I totally blew the day last night.

So, try try again today right?

I didn't even pretend that I was going to the gym this morning. Thankfully Thursdays are much more productive workwise so hopefully I can get myself there right at the end of the day before it starts getting dark and the TV calls to me. I have a bazillion chores to do around here too, so if I can just keep motivated and chugging along the gym will actually be a nice reprieve from a very full day.

In my attempt to stick with groceries I have on hand, I've been making smoothies the last couple of mornings. We had the soy milk and a bunch of extra bananas because I thought DBF would use them when he was home for the weekend, but he was so happy not to have Navy food that he chose to enjoy what he ate instead of forcing his diet food on himself. Fair enough. This left me with a lot of perishable items to use up though. Yesterday I did one with banana/raspberries/ was banana/blueberry minus the flax...both made with vanilla soy milk. Totally yummy, but not quite filling enough. I think tomorrow I might add half a bagel or something.

Anyway, I keep falling down at night and picking myself up during the day. Hopefully I can work through this (but the sleepover this weekend will not help!). Someone please remind me that I'm supposed to feel guilty when eating a big bowl of cheezies!!

Today's plan:

- blueberry/banana smoothie
- coffee
- mixed greens salad with chickpeas & ranch dressing
- granola bar
- apple with natural pb
- chili from the freezer with roasted baby spuds/onions/mushrooms
- grapes if I need a snack later Pin It


Cat_82 said...

I tend to fall apart a little at night too. I have these grand intentions of going to the gym and having a nice healthy dinner, and then I sit on the cushy couch and melt into it. I really need to start going directly to the gym from work.

Must be tough when you work from home. I'm pretty sure I'd get nothing done if I was working from must be so disciplined!

Jen said...

Honestly I don't get it!! And I don't mean you, I mean me too!!! I usually fall apart in the summer and do great in the winter...but this year I SOOOOOOOO did not want summer to end and I just wound up in this yucky's sick!!

And Jaime, darling, I have a home gym set up in the basement, where the heck is my excuse???

Sometimes you might fall, but that's why you have awesome friends in blog buddies that are here to help pick you up and brush off!

Marissa said...

I can understand about winter making you want to eat more. I want to eat more and move less during the winter.

Your smoothies sound delicious!

Angie All The Way said...

The evening time is the HARDEST time of the day for me by far! I totally hear that!

Don't feel guilty about your slumber party if you're planning for it, no point in that. Pledge to do crazy good all day tomorrow and get a good workout in tomorrow and saturday afternoon before your party and enjoy it all :-)

Did I mention that I'm sad about missing it?!

eurydice said...

it's true that we want to eat more in the cold weather. something about a warm full tummy. a cool crisp salad just doesn't sound that great!

Tiffa said...

I can't do gym in the mornings either. When I was working 8-hr shifts... I tried for a week to go in the a.m. and it didn't happen. I did get there in the night though... but sometimes it was like 9:30 at night and I was ok with that.