Monday, November 17, 2008

I did it!!!

That's right. I stuck to the plan and I ROCKED out the best workout EVER.

I ate my meals just as planned. Dinner right at 5:30 so it would have 2 full hours to digest before I hit the gym. I left promptly at 7:00 as I planned, got there, changed, and was on the treadmill by 7:25. Nice. (I'm never early for anything!) I couldn't start on the rowing machine because there's only one and it was in I did a 5 minute walk then got into my interval runs. I'm so proud. I haven't even attempted running in months, and I stuck to my plan and breezed right through it. Yaaaieeee me.

1 min jogging, 1 min fast paced walking, 2 mins jogging, 1 min walking, 3 mins jogging, 1 min walking...then down again...with a sprint for the last minute...then a 3 minute cooldown. Total 25 minutes.

After that the rowing machine was free so I jumped on for 10 minutes. Boy are my arms going to hate me tomorrow. Even with all the gym time I was getting in a few weeks ago, I was really neglecting my arms....and it shows! I could feel myself getting tired, so was making myself do 30 second sprints and it worked. I powered right past my 10 minutes and almost did 11. haha.

Then I did my full body strength training routine...with a few new additions just to keep it interesting. I'm going to have to revamp the plan soon anyway, so I figured I might as well try a couple of new things now. What I learned is that I need gloves. My hands are always so raw by the end of the workout....hello Christmas list. :)

I finished up with 20 minutes on the ramped elliptical. I kept the ramp high for 5 minutes, then lower in reverse for 5, then low for calves with a higher amount of resistance for 10. Finished with a 5 minutes cooldown...half in reverse, half forward. I ended up on there 5 minutes longer than planned, and had been on the treadmill longer when I looked at the clock I opted to skip the recumbant bike. It was almost 2 hours and I still needed to do a good stretch out.

That was the first workout in a long, long time where I actually felt spent at the end. I'm pooped and I'm glad. I will sleep like the dead tonight...I need it.

The only menu change I made was that I opted for a 1/2 serving of Kashi Crunch with some Almond Breeze instead of fruit when I got home. My body was craving something heartier than a bowl of grapes. I heart Kashi. Pin It


Cat_82 said...

that's awesome Jaime. You sound like you feel fantastic and you totally deserve that feeling!

Way to go! I'm proud of yoU!

Espressomama said...

Oh, man, I can not stand the rowing machine. Cudos to you for 10 minutes. Sounds like a great day yesterday!

Jen said...

you are such a rockstar!!! It feels so good just to have that ONE day that feels so great and know "hey, I can do it!!"

Angie All The Way said...

Holy mother of a workout! I'm embarrassed to admit how long it has been for me! I can't wait until I kick this bronchitis so I can get in a good cardio like that!