Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Leftovers, cookies, and the Plan

Last night's dinner with the girls was so much fun. Just four of us chatting away for like 4 hours. I'm sure our waitress was wondering if we were ever going to leave. :) We ended up going to Cut Steakhouse, because Nectar isn't open on Mondays. Cut is really good, but fairly pricey and I had really been looking forward to Nectar's menu. The fun part about Cut though is that it is a la carte, so we each ordered different side dishes and shared so everyone got to try a few things. I chose the 6 0z local filet mignon (just the right size!) and the sweet potato au gratin (so freaking good...I'm going to try to make it at home!)...but I also got to try their truffled pomme de terre (mashed potatoes wrapped in shoestring potatoes), the bok choy, the curried spinach, and the huge home fries. I started with one of the best tomato & bocconcini salads I've ever had...and we all shared the flourless chocolate cake for dessert. With a glass of red wine, it was all soooooo tasty!

The best part was I saved half my steak, the last big scoop of sweet potatoes and some of the spinach as a doggie bag. I just had it for dinner, and let me tell you it was all better the second time around. :)

This morning I slept in, just because I could. Got up and ate the leftover Chinese food for brunch...then had coffee. I actually would have loved to go to the gym, but for some reason my gym chose this stat to be closed (they don't always close for stats)...so instead I bundled up and went for a walk on the local BLT trail for about 3km. Crisp and brisk out there, but blue skies and lovely. This did bring on the craving for chocolate chip cookies though....so I ended up coming home and making a batch. I tried a new recipe I borrowed from Mrs. Furious...and they are quite tasty! It makes 4 dozen, so I baked off 2 dozen, and froze 2 dozen to bake off in the future. I have already eaten more than enough, but let's be honest and just admit that I'll probably suck back a few more with my tea tonight. :) (Good news is that I was actually out of white sugar so I used Splenda.)

Of course, my lack of planning and counting and eating whatever did start to bring up some guilt...so while the cookies were baking I took the time to clean the fridge of any spoiled produce and leftovers that I needed to get rid of. Clean slate. I've decided not to buy any groceries this week except milk, strawberries and granola bars. I even wrote out menus for Wed/Thur/Fri so that I have a system for using up what I have on hand and for making sure I stay on plan so I can have a guilt-free weekend (it's my actual birthday on Saturday and I want to be able to have fun at my girls night in). This is a good opportunity to eat up a few meals from the freezer too....all while staying OP and well balanced (including allowing myself 2 cookies per day). :)

My goal for the next 5 days is going to the gym. Tomorrow and Thursday I plan to get up early like I used to and go before I start work for the day. Friday I will go in the afternoon. Saturday early afternoon. Sunday we shall see (my girls night in is a sleepover so it will really depend on how late we stay up). Wed/Thurs/Sat will include strength training...Fri/Sun will be cardio. Next week I'm going to check out the yoga options I mentioned the other day.

Today is like a Sunday for me. Recharge, Reinvigorate, Restart. Pin It


Phoenixrising said...

Good for you for committing to the gym and making a plan for it! I need to do that too... the gym is like my arch nemesis... the one I secretly yearn for, yet avoid for some masochistic reason... ;)

carla said...

checking in on you and seeing if you, like me, dragged yer arse out of bed to go workout even though you SO DIDNT WANNNNA.

Angie All The Way said...

Never been to Cut Steakhouse and in fact, I don't think Ive even heard of it! Good to know!

One thing I need to get better at is to stop wasting food. I'm constantly buying more groceries where there's tons of stuff to be used in the fridge!

It was a great day for a walk yesterday wasn't it!

Cat_82 said...

Those cookies would be the death of me....Another reason why I never have the ingrediants to make them in my home!!

eurydice said...

A girl's sleepover!?! How fun is that?

Jen said...

feel guilty for whatever, but i think you did friggin awesome bringing home a doggie bag!!!

I think you are doing a WONDERFUL job!