Monday, November 03, 2008


First thing first...weigh in. I actually forgot to weigh myself this morning, so I've already had breakfast, coffee, and 1/2 litre of water. Up 1.2 pounds this week...but still well within my super comfy range so I'm not upset. Those treats this weekend were totally worth it (well, most of them!). I'm basically right where I was when I left for Vegas.

Last night I started to feel plagued by my poor choices this week. So I got up off the couch, had a shower to energize myself and started puttering around. I set the coffee pot up so it would be ready when I woke up. I chopped up an apple so I wouldn't skip eating today just because it wasn't already cut up (I don't like eating apples right off the core for some reason). I peeled and chopped carrots so I wouldn't grab a granola bar today instead. I set up the stuff for making my hot cereal this morning. I filled both my water bottles so I'd have no excuse not to get my 3 litres today (I have to have a full extra litre on massage days). I pulled something out of the freezer for dinner that would be well served with a salad.

I even sorted my laundry and got a load done and a load ready to go for this morning. I set my alarm half an hour early and forced myself out of bed in time to get my coffee before sitting down to get to work.

It felt good to be prepared. And it feels good now to have all of that in place.

I've already been to the massage therapist today....feeling pretty good. Have lots of work to get through, but thanks to my preparedness this morning I've got a handle on it. I'll work a bit late tonight if needed but I'll be off to the gym right after that. I need to get in some cardio for sure and hopefully at least 2 sets of strength's time to get back on that.

Now if every day could be like this!!

Today's eats:

- coffee
- Red River cereal with 1/2 small banana, smidge of brown sugar, tsp of natural pb
- Italian Wedding soup, crackers, leftover peppered brie, 2 fat olives
- carrot sticks
- All Bran bar with afternoon tea during conference call
- 1/2 honeycrisp apple
- from the freezer: Butternut Pasta, served with tossed salad
- evening snacky....popcorn? Pin It


Vanessa said...

Not a bad gain at all, especially after breakfast, etc.! I'll bet you it's gone next week :)

I find that not only does being prepared for Monday morning make the day go better, but it sets the tone for the entire week. Love it :)

Jen said...

Holy woman!!! you are awesome with all that preparedness!!!!

I don't think that is a bad gain (especially after breakfast and with a few halloween treaties this weekend!!!)

tash said...

You rock!

JavaChick said...

Wow. Wanna come to my house and get me all organized now? Everything in my house is a disaster after being sick all weekend.

eurydice said...

It's amazing how much planning ahead makes a difference!