Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I just can't find the motivation to do much of anything right now. Work, chores, Christmas decorations, gym, baking...blahhhhhh. Every day I write out what I need to do, and every day I'm lucky if I accomplish one thing...which is better than nothing, but I have the time to be doing more than that. Even right now I'm procrastinating by writing this blog when I should be working. I guess it's still that snowed-in hermitting feeling that's gotten it's roots into me...I'll have to pull out of it soon!

Yesterday went fairly well foodwise. There was some licorice at the end of the night but not enough to really wreck the daily point count. Otherwise I stuck to the plan. Oh except my salad greens weren't looking too good so I opted for steamed brocolli & carrots instead...which I prefer anyway now that it's not warm outside. I don't think I'm purposely going to buy salad anymore when I'm home alone...that's at least the third package that I've had to throw out because I never get it used up before it goes bad.

Oh, I remembered to weigh in this morning (one day late) and I'm down .4 pounds. Nutty. My body never ceases to amaze me. I ate so much crap this weekend you wouldn't believe it. Thankfully I don't seem to have weight issues related to sodium otherwise it wouldn't be this pretty. I guess maybe the two awesome workouts I did get in early in the week held on and helped me out.

Due to my lack of motivation I didn't get the muffins made last night...so maybe today. I'm out of granola bars and such snacks so maybe now that I actually need the muffins I will feel more like making them. You know I'm in a slump when I'm not in the mood to bake. I'm always in the mood to bake!!

Anywho, I really need to work...so today's plan is to just take it as it comes and to stick to the menu plan again. I still could really use that trip to the gym for cardio and stretching so I'll try my best to stay on task and make the time to get there.

Today's eats...

- coffeeeeeee
- instant oatmeal (there's a box in the cupboard that should be used up), apple, natural PB
- juice (again, there's a bunch in the fridge that I need to work into my days so I can use it up)
- Healthy Request Thai Chicken soup bowl, ww bun, cheese
- (no afternoon snack...late start on the eating today)
- Nutrigo chicken nuggets, homemade baked sweet potato fries, light mayo dip
- zucchini muffin, hot chocolate Pin It


Marissa said...

I always feel so hermit-like when it first gets cold or snows. Something about the weather...

I'm the same way about salad right now too. I loved them in the summer but now that it's cooler, I want some warm veggies.

eurydice said...

it's totally the weather... so unmotivating!

Angie All The Way said...

I hate it when my salad/greens go bad before I eat them. It's nutty, but I always get such a huge sense of accomplishment when I actually finish off one of those containers of spinach or salad greens before it goes bad!

I hope you're feeling better tomorrow. I hate that feeling :-(

Tiffa said...

I totally hear you. I'm a constant procrastinator! With everything. It's ridiculous.

Cat_82 said...

I'm with you on the lack of motivation thing. I'm trying hard to get organized for xmas, and I can't do it..... maybe it will hit me next week.

Salad is not my best friend right now. Neither are veggies in general. Force me to eat my veggies Jaime!!! I need to be as hot and cute as you (since we're the same height, we'll be the cool 'tall' girls in TO...You're coming right?)

Carolyn said...

Get off your butt and go to the gym today! You know you'll feel sooooo much better right?

Sounds like you are doing good on the food front after the weekend. I hear ya on the salad thing, it just feels like a summer thing right? I have been going crazy making soups and casseroles this past week. Good comfort food, especially since it's dark out when we get home from work!

What did you think of the Smackeroni & Cheese? I might make it this weekend if it's good!