Thursday, November 06, 2008


I just had to make a few minutes to pop by and post. DBF got home today for the weekend so chances are I won't post until Monday after he's gone again. Wooooo....the whole 3.5 days out of like 65.

You will all be happy to hear that I was a good girl yesterday. Stuck to my menu during the day, and even got myself out to the gym for a good hour+ cardio sweat session after work. I will say that I had to alter my dinner plan because I was at the gym so late, but I switched it up for a WW frozen meal (because it was fast!) and I didn't even bother with dessert or anything. So it was a successful day!

I was so tired afterwards, that I actually fell asleep on the couch and stayed there right through until this morning. That rarely happens...especially with my sore neck/arm. I musta needed it!

Today there really wasn't much of a plan. I was late running for a hair appointment after my couch session, so I ate 1/2 banana and a Fibre Source granola bar in the car. I had a cup of coffee while at the salon, then a Fruit Source bar on the way home. I had sushi in the fridge for lunch thank God (smart girl, grabbed that at the grocery store last night so I wouldn't be tempted for drive-thru), so I devoured that when I got home. DBF picked me up another coffee (no latte...such an NSV for me these days!) and I ate a Fibre One bar to tide me over for the rest of the afternoon. That's a lot of pre-packaged bars, but better than a burger and fries that's for sure!

No idea what dinner will entail but I'm thinking something quick and easy...and there's salad in the fridge. DBF brought home wine too. :)

Tomorrow night I am going to the Fiest concert with some girlfriends so there will be an early easy dinner at home before that, and maybe a snack and/or drink afterwards. Saturday we are celebrating my birthday with dinner a week early (cuz DBF will be gone on the actual day...pttthhhhh) so yummy rich dinner and wine at Bish. Yummmmm!

And that's all I know for now. Thanks for the comments yesterday all always know how to help me out of my funk. Have a great weekend! Pin It


tash said...

Have a great weekend with DBF!

Julie said...

Have a great weekend!!
Enjoy Feist!

Angie All The Way said...

OH enjoy your dinner at Bish and the fancy wine you'll no doubt be enjoying too :-)

Cat_82 said...

I need your address muffin! I have a bday card for yoU!! Email or facebook me!!