Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Ya, that's me...slacker. I'm going to have to get over this whole "it's dark by 5:00" thing pretty damn quick. By the time I finished working at 6:00 it was dark and I was cold so it was really easy to talk myself out of the gym. For no reason. Just cuz.

And then because I was bored, I dug into those stupid Halloween treats. The remainder are now in the trash. Why do I do this? Just cuz.

Oh well. What's done is done, right? Today is a more productive work day with no long teleconferences....and no Massage or Chiro appointments to interupt my day. So hopefully I'll work work work and get out the door before it's completely pitch dark outside. That's the goal!

Today's menu plan...

- coffee
- Red River cereal with 1/2 banana, natural PB, smidge of brown sugar
- raspberries
- leftover Italian Wedding soup, crackers & peppered brie, couple of olives
- carrot sticks & leftover spinach dip
- Nutrigo multigrain chicken nuggets, grilled zucchini, salad
- evening snack...granola bar? popcorn? Pin It


Vanessa said...

Halloween treats are evil. Mine are going to the food bank today.

Jen said...

It is WAYYYYY too easy to talk yourself out of the gym when it is so dark out...just wait until the "s" word arrives...that will be the worst one...

good for you for tossing the candy!!!

eurydice said...

I was surprised that it was light out when I woke up before 7am today!!! I forgot it would be dark earlier too :(

Cat_82 said...

Yeah...I could do without the freaking night arriving at 5pm! It's so depressing, driving home in the dark. It always feels so much later than it actually is. Sucks!

Good for you for chucking the candy though! Great job muffin!