Thursday, November 20, 2008

Snowed In

OK, not like literally snowed in, but they hadn't cleared the roads last night (I think they finally did ours around 1am) and since I could see neighbors' cars sliding around in the slush I thought I'd be smart and just stay home. Plus, I had no interest in shovelling the driveway at all. (Of course, now it froze overnight so it'll be harder to do today...but I digress...)

Needless to say it turned into a bit of an eatfest. I worked late. I ate dinner late (that seafood papillote was pretty good...decent amount of food, good sauce, maybe a bit bland...but for a no-prep meal I would eat it again...I did the oven option because I had lots of time, so I don't know if it would be as good cooked in the microwave). But of course, then the hot chocolate started calling me...which would be fine, except then I dug cookies out of the freezer...then ate the rest of the rainbow licorice. Gah!

Anyway, today is another day. Hopefully I will get all of my work done so there won't be anything holding me up this afternoon. I have to get out there soon and shovel my driveway....then I have a chiro appointment at 4:00...after which I'm hoping to get to the gym to make up my missed session from yesterday, but that completely depends on how work goes. Tonight I've been invited to my neighbor's for drinks and a visit so I want to make sure I'm all ready for that. I think I can fit it all in.

Today's menu plan:

- coffeeeeeeeeeeee
- water (I'm crazy dehydrated right now)
- big comfy bowl of Red River cereal...I'm thinking cocoa/banana/pb
- late lunch...some kind of soup, with cheese n crackers
- apple to tide me over til this evening
- I have a bit of leftover salad from last night too
- no dinner....snacks and drinks at neighbor's Pin It


Angie All The Way said...

I had a hard time with the munchies last night too - i think it has something to do with the snow and feeling like you're stuck inside!

Cat_82 said...

Is it sad that I'm jealous of your snow? I mean, I'm obviously useless when it comes to driving in it (hello? BC girl here...) But it's so pretty and so cozy feeling.....

eurydice said...

oh no... not the rainbow licorice!