Monday, December 08, 2008

Almost Forgot!

Totally forgot to post today's plans...


- tea (had to wait for DBF to dig the car out and go get coffee) = 0 points
- 1 serving Ginger Zing granola with skim milk = 4 points
- coffee x2 with splooshes of light Egg Nog = 1 point
- oatmeal for lunch...instant Weight Control maple & brown sugar oatmeal with 1/2 chopped banana & tbsp of natural PB = 6 points
- 10 Bacon Dippers crackers with 1.5 tbsp light cream cheese = 3 points
- clementine = 1 point
- dinner is going to be some sort of chicken & brocolli concoction...either with alfredo or mushroom soup and Smart pasta. = est 8 points
- Gingerbread Tea & maybe a couple of cookies (I saw a bag of cookies hiding in our pantry that DBF brought home) = maybe 3 points


It's another conference call day, which means I can't go anywhere this afternoon....sooooooo, either a walk around the neighborhood if it hasn't gotten dark and crazy cold when I get off the call, or maybe a trip to the gym if DBF isn't chomping at the bit for dinner. Either way, lots of extra hamstrings had quite the workout at yoga yesterday! Pin It


Jen said...

I am in love with the word "sploosh" now!!!

Sounds like a pretty good day!!! It's all snowy and gross here...doesn't make a person want to get to the gym (good thing it isn't a gym night!)

Roxy said...

Gingerbread tea? sounds so delish!

Krista said...

I've nominated you for the Marie Antoinette award on my blog! LOVE YA!

Lynn said...

I haven't had bacon dippers in forever!!

I hope you're enjoying your time w/ DBF and not working too hard :)

Angie All The Way said...

hehe I love "sploosh" too! lol I haven't done it in a few days though for some reason.

OMG gingerbread tea?! Deets girl, deets.

You must be so happy to have DBF home :)

Carolyn said...

Mmmm gingerbread tea...sounds so warm and cozy.

Hope you are having a great time with DBF home!