Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Cookies for Breakfast

Ya, go me. Booooo. I reached into the fridge for the egg nog for my coffee this morning, and right beside it was a plate of these Toffee Bar things I made last night...and what did I do? Ya, I had two of them with my coffee. Booooo.

haha...but they were DELISH!

Good news is that I now have a tried & true fab new Christmas treat recipe that was easy and tasty...and I have book club tomorrow night so I know where to get rid of this batch. :)

I'm just waiting for my lunch to settle while I do a bit more work, then I'm finally off to the gym. Lots of cardio for me today, and some squats/lunges/crunches/pushups in between sets. I want to make it like a double-time workout to make up for missing yesterday. I decided last night that December's goal should be to get to the gym or go for a walk every day (this should prove interesting while I'm on holiday vacay, but I'll give it a go). Of course, I came to this conclusion so late last night that I had already missed the first day! But...it's a good day to get away from work today and if I miss anything I'll already have my workout done so I can spend time at the computer tonight if I need to. Woooo. Finally.

Today's ass-backwards menu:

- coffee with sploosh of egg nog x 2
- 2 toffee bar thingies
- Red River hot cereal with 1/2 banana & tbsp natural pb
- 1% cottage cheese with 1/2 gala apple
- multigrain Wheat Thins if snack needed before dinner
- from freezer: homemade chicken & bean burrito thingy w/ light sour cream, with steamed brocolli & carrots
- grapes
- tea Pin It


Carolyn said...

Mmmm they sound sooo good. You have to post the recipe for those os uf who want to torture ourselves with Christmas baking!!

I think you should make up for day one by hitting the gym AND going for a walk someday this week!

Jen said...

MMMM, what KIND of toffee bar things??? (I am obsessed with caramel/toffee stuff!!)

I COMPLETELY agree with Carolyn's suggestion there to make up for your missed day!!!

tash said...

Toffee bars . . . mmm . . .

JavaChick said...

I confess...I had shortbread cookies with coffee for breakfast on Sunday. Enjoyed it immensely. :)

Espressomama said...

I like cookies for breakfast. I like pie for breakfast better. That's why there is NO pie in my house! LOL

eurydice said...

did you post the recipe?