Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Egg Nog Almonds

Did you know that Bulk Barn sells something called an Egg Nog Almond? Well, I do now! They are like a chocolate covered almond, but instead of milk chocolate it is some kind of egg nog flavored white chocolate and they are dusted with icing sugar. Yum-a-licious. Dangerous...glad I only got a small scoop to try them. Still scary in the old points department though!

Do you ever go to the gym and just sort of wander around trying to figure out what to do? It doesn't happen to me very often...I usually have a plan in mind...but last night I got there and didn't know what to do. So I jumped on the elliptical and that was good...but after I got off there I just sort of dabbled with some ab exercises and some arm stuff, then totally lost interest. I hopped on the treadmill thinking I would do some running intervals, but after 5 minutes I packed it in. I never do that. If I am not feeling it I will usually at least walk out the 15-20 minutes, but not last night. Weird.

Anyway, today is a new day. No time for the gym today as it's Wednesday which means I have that crazy long conference call and two reports to put together before that. Blech. That will take me right through to the end of the work day, then tonight we are visiting friends (didn't go last night) and I have some errands to squeak in there somewhere too.

Food for the day:

- late more of a brunch: fried egg sammich with ff cheese slice
- coffeeeeeeeeeeee with sploosh of light egg nog
- clementine
- leftover chicken noodle soup
- pear
- dinner is either leftover spaghetti or dinner with friends
- maybe a drinky-poo or hot chocolate
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Carolyn said...

Oh dear lord! Eggnog covered almonds??? Those are dangerous, you never should have tried them!

I've done the gym wandering thing...especially when I have no motivation to be there, I'm just basically 'putting my time in'.

Tina said...

Eggnog almonds! Holy moly! Delish!

Vanessa said...

Those almonds sound amazing! I definitely do the gym wandering...I usually end up on the elliptical just so I can get something done and get outta there :P

Angie All The Way said...

"dabbled with some ab exercises" lol Yeah that's been me once or twice, but it's been so friggin long since I've been to the gym I kind of forget!

Sarah said...

i just picked some of these up for the fiance today... hes nuts for egg nog haha.