Thursday, December 04, 2008

Keep on keeping on...

I made it through book club relatively unscathed. My neighbors have perfected the cosmopolitan...yummmm! Only one though, so all good. I had a couple of my cookie bars and a few nibbles of cheese and crackers but that was it. Phew!

Oh, and I did manage to get my walk in yesterday. Not before my conference call unfortunately...I didn't finish my report until like 10 minutes before the call. So I was worried that the call was taking forever (2.5 hours people!!) and it would be dark when we finished...not to mention past my quitting time...but it wasn't! We finished up at just the perfect time for me to run downstairs, put on my outdoor gear and head out for a 15 minute jaunt around our very long block. Crisp and lovely! and just barely dark when I came trotting back up the front stairs. I worked a bit late to make up for it.

Somewhere today I have to fit a gym trip in. I'm aiming for around 3:00 again like I did on Tuesday...that was a good non-busy timeslot at the gym. By 4:00 the place was getting really busy. Hopefully I can power through the work stuff I need to get done because I have tentative plans tonight and don't want to have to work late to make up for gym time. Gah, it's so complicated sometimes!!

DBF is home tomorrow!!!

Angie I hope you feel better soon!!

It's almost the weekend!

OK, that's all I've got. :)

Today's menu plan:

- coffee with sploosh of egg nog x2
- Kashi Crunch with vanilla almond breeze (finishing off the box)
- clementine
- Campbell's Healthy Request Italian Wedding ready-to-eat bowl, slice of miche bread with light cream cheese & sliced tomatoes
- grapes
- 1% cottage cheese after the gym if I need it
- butternut pasta thingy from freezer, with one last serving of my jazzed up sauteed spinach
- either a few drinks out with friends, or hot chocolate at home :) Pin It


Roxy said...

OMG Have fun with your DBF!!!

Angie All The Way said...

Thanks doll! I am still sickipoo today, but better than yesterday so i'll take it. Unfortunately though I am at work! grrrrrr If at all possible, I'll be taking tomorrow off, but unfortunately there's no one around to take the reins for me at the moment :-(

I was so disappointed too because it's so friggin nice outside I wanted nothing more than to take advantage of it and take the Lu-ster for a walk. I'm glad you got out and took advantage of it while we have it! I think you've seen already that things change on a dime around here!

YAY for DBF coming home!!!

I won't be able to get my Nubody's membership until end of Feb. But it will also depend on how many hoops my insurance company will try to make to jump through and also if there's a good deal from them as an incentive to join before that. That's the great thing about NB - if we're all members there, we can go to whatever one we want and get together for classes!

Vanessa said...

I wish I could join a book club! Someday :).

Have fun with DBF!

Jen said...

YAY!!!!!! SO glad that he will be home soon!!!!

I wish I had a book club nearby....I want to go to one! It sounds like fun!!!!

Bi0nicw0man said...

Jen & Van: start your own club! That's what we did. One neighbor just asked everyone around here if we wanted to do it and three people said yes, then two more jumped in. Voila, book club. :)

Cat_82 said...

I'm so excited that A will be home tomorrow! Yayayaya!

Thanks for the card lady....You're so sweet to send a thank you!!

tash said...

That is one long conference call!

Have a great weekend :)

carla said...

I am powerless in front of the cosmo.

so, in my book (haha. kinda pun'y. no? ok :)), you did GREAT!