Monday, December 15, 2008

Live from Victoria

I arrived in Victoria safe and sound after a long travel day yesterday. There is snow on the ground and apparently it's planning to stay for at least 10 days. Nutty. All of the walking I had planned on doing may get cut down a bit due to inappropriate footwear packing on my part. Oooooops.

Travel day yesterday was pretty evil in the nutrition department. I was at the airport for 5:30am so decided I should have a that early morning Grande Egg Nog Misto! I also ate 2 clementines that I had jammed in my purse on the way out the door. On the first leg of my flight to Toronto I mostly slept, so I didn't eat and just had water when they did the drink service. Once at the TO airport I got a multigrain bagel w/ light cream cheese and a medium steeped tea w/ milk at Tim Horton's. I probably should've eaten more but I was tired and nothing appealed to me. On the longer leg of the flight through to Edmonton I ate some of the bits n bites I had picked up at Bulk Barn and a few Christmas jujubes I had packed in my computer bag. I think I ordered a ginger ale from the drink cart that time....and slept some more. We touched down for about 30 minutes in Edmonton, but I didn't get off the plane because I knew I'd probably end up with more Starbucks and I didn't need it. :) Once back in the air I had another water and finished up the bits n bites. Upon arrival in Victoria, my girlfriend and I opted to hit up our favorite greasy spoon for a very late lunch (actually dinner time for me) and since it was my only real meal of the day I opted for my favorite Breakfast Hash (which is essentially a heart attack on a plate....real home fries fried with scrambled eggs, chopped sausage, onions, mushrooms, cheese, etc....dipped in hollandaise....freaking terrible for me but oh so yummy!). I drank two huge glasses of water and two small cups of coffee. This kept me going right until bedtime though so I don't think it will register too poorly in my calories for the day. In the evening I had a cup of tea, which was just what I needed. Oh and a couple of those egg nog almonds because I wanted my girlfriend to try them out. :)

Today is a new day. I'm alone at my friend's place while she and her hubby are at work. Thankfully they are quiet healthy eaters so nothing sweet or carby to tempt me while I'm working (yes, I'm working this week!). For breakfast I had a cup of Tazo BlossomBerry White Tea (they don't drink coffee...eeeeek) which was really nice, and I made a slice of Silver Hills 16 Grain toast with a schmear of cashew butter. Soooo yummy. I've never been able to find Silver Hills bread in Halifax...the Squirelly variety is one of my all times faves...maybe I'll buy a few loaves to bring home. LOL. I have a clementine here to tide me over and then I think I'll venture out into the snow and hit up the coffee shop down the street and grab a snack at the Market. Dinner tonight will be whatever my friends decide...he is a great cook so I'm sure it will be tasty.

I can't believe I brought the Nova Scotia weather with me. Boooo. Pin It


Jen said...

haha!!! I bet those Victorians...(Victori-ites??? I thinkc Victorians is right...)are mad at YOU right now!!!!

I don't think you did TOOOO bad...I LOVE me a greasy breakfast every once in a while!!! I NEED it!!!

That sucks tha tyou have to work...but with your luck (as opposed to MY luck) your crappy weather will be over right away and you will be in lovely Victoria bliss for the rest of your stay!!!!

Have fun and I am glad you got there safe!!! (careful of the non-coffee drinking crazies!!! I'm kidding...but seriously...what kind of life is that??? probably a lot calmer...)

Vanessa said...

Cashew butter...that sounds amazing.

Glad you arrived safely! :)

Cat_82 said... you're the one to blame for this bone chilling cold!!!

Don't sweat the greasy's not like you eat like that often and you're such a mini, that you need not be overly concerned...

What's with non-coffee drinkers? I'd say make a run to sbux but it's too bloody cold to go outside.

tash said...

I'm glad you made it safe and sound. Have fun in the snow :)

Bi0nicw0man said...

Starbucks is only like 4 blocks from here...and it's not even the cold that is keeping me from going. It's the slushy/frozen sidewalks and the freaking wind. It's crazy bad right now.

Angie All The Way said...

You didn't do too badly on the calorie-front at all, even with the greasy spoon breakfast which sounds frikkin yum!

I had to laugh at the " I think I ordered a ginger ale..." because it makes me imagine being in a flight induced sleepy stupor while travelling and it all being a blur lol

Glad you made it safe and sound! You can leave the NS snow there with ya, k?

farm girl. said...

glad to hear you made it safe and sound, and snowy. make sure that those on that end of the province get a good chunk of it while you're there, alright?

take care!

Carolyn said...

Glad you made it there safe and sound! Too bad about the weather but I'll keep my fingers corssed that it clears up for you!

Mmm Greasy breakfast. I loves me a big plate of greasy bacon and eggs. Especially after a night of a few glasses of wine. It almost makes yuo feel way worse after an hour but it's sooo worth it!

Have fun on your visit! Keep us posted!

JavaChick said...

Oddly enough, while Husband and I were walking from garage to coffee shop this morning, we were talking about how we seem to be getting BC weather this winter - above zero, no snow. We're not complaining. :)

Krista said...

Ok, think maybe you could have at least dropped some snow off in Port Coquitlam on your way by? I mean, not even a blasted flake?!?!? Sigh...