Thursday, December 11, 2008


I had chips and chocolate last night. While visiting friends, the boys opted to make drinks which I declined because I was trying to be good....but then they put out chips and apparently there is some sort of magnetic force between the bowls and my hands. I had a few chocolates too, but not as many as I would have had the chips not been there. Not sure which would be worse.

Oh well.

This morning my computer is giving me grief, so between waiting for it to cooperate so I can work I have been multitasking some household chores into my day. Laundry started and festive chocolate bark has been prepared. If I had more chocolate chips I'd be making more stuff. I guess maybe I will add cleaning the bathrooms to the list too. Oh, how exciting. :)

If my computer keeps acting up I'll be heading to the gym early and I'll stop for more baking ingredients while I'm out. If it's working OK, I'll be doing the gym later this afternoon and catch up on work a bit tonight instead.

Our menu for today and tomorrow will be a mish-mosh of whatever is in the fridge. We are leaving this weekend for our family Christmas visits so I don't want anything wasted or rotting while we are away. On a sad note, I ran out of egg nog today so I won't have it for my coffee tomorrow. :(

Today's menu...

- coffee with final sploosh of light egg nog
- 2nd cup of coffee with boring skim milk & brown sugar
- instant oatmeal with banana & pb
- clementine
- leftover chicken noodle soup I didn't eat yesterday
- pear I didn't eat yesterday
- dinner will be steamed veggies, served with either chicken or possibly turkey burgers (whichever thaws out first and looks the best)...probably eat up the leftover spaghetti and spuds from the other night too.
- taste test the festive bark :) Pin It


Jen said...

Maybe if you stop to pick up more baking supplies you can get some egg nog??? Then you can have all the "splooshes" you like!!!

YAY for cleaning bathrooms...though you just reminded me I should clean a little tonight AND do laundry...THANKS!! ;p

Carolyn said...

Chips and Chocolate....ahhh who can resist? Not I. Maybe you could hit the gym today to make up for it!

Have a great weekend with DBF and your families!

JavaChick said...

I'm that way with chips; if they are in front of me I can't stay out of them. I love chocolate, but it seems like I can have a little bit and be satisfied; not so with potato chips.