Monday, December 29, 2008


That's how much accountability I've had this past two weeks...NONE. Hands down biggest fall from the wagon I've ever had. Seriously people, once I got to my Mom's it was like all bets were off. I was eating bloody shortbread cookies for breakfast with my coffee. And chips n dip like I would never see them again. Not to mention that my Mom makes the best turkey sammiches on squishy white bread. Yikes. I will know the damage for sure when I weigh in on January 2nd.

I chose January 2nd because it's going to take until at least then to get through a few more obstacles and to do a proper grocery shop. Good news is that I've heard the snow has subsided in Halifax so I will be able to hit the gym hard for a few days before getting back to work....and then DBF is back to work too (and not at sea for a couple of weeks) so I can go back to my early morning workouts when I drive him to work. I'm pretty excited about it!! I also got a copy of the Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred DVD (thanks Mom!) for those days when Mother Nature chooses to keep me from driving to the gym. In fact, my plan is to use it in combination with my gym routine so as to speed the return of my less-squishy tummy. Actually I'd like to go beyond where I was. No sense in staying at a mediocre place!

I know I've gained a few pounds but nothing too hard to get rid of. My concern isn't so much my weigh-in as it is the state of my body at the moment. I've certainly lost muscle mass and my tummy is soft and my rear love handles are trying to creep back in. Not OK!

This is not a New Years resolution, just a long-delayed accountability post. I've been getting so comfortable with the poor choices that I didn't even hear that little voice in the back of my head reminding me that what I was eating was a bad idea. Today I heard that voice tell me to get my hand out of the cookie jar when I reached for a third cookie and man was I glad to hear it. Time to pay attention! Pin It


tash said...

Start with some sit-ups and push-ups tonight before you got to bed - no time like the present to get motivated! :)

Fatinah said...

hey - did I tell you that I made your toffee bars? They were yummy. The top and base didn't stick together though....did that ever happen to you??

Please do a review of the 30 Day Shred DVD - I'm interested to hear how you find it, and what equipment you need to have at home.....

Angie All The Way said...

The holidays are pretty much over now, so it's only going to look up from here. I hear ya girlfriend, totally friggin hear ya!

Hey when are ya coming back, we can sweat a pound off at Moshka!

Carolyn said...

I can soooo relate! The past week has just been a food fest for me. The Holidays are so hard eh?

Sunday night, at a friend house I ate like 4 pepermint chocolate patties. I don't even like them that much but there I was stuffing them in "just because" Don't you hate that?!?!?

I think January 2nd is a reasonable date to smarten up. Most people still have a few more social functions to get through and I think if you can reign it in a little and be a little more aware, you'll do just fine!

If you don't post again, HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Vanessa said...

It can only get better from here!

I soooo need to do a proper grocery shop. We practically emptied our cupboards before leaving for the holidays!

Tiffa said...

I think everyone loses accountability at Christmas time. I sure did. For that reason, I'm glad this holiday season is over. Time to get back on track.