Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Not Cookie Monster

I didn't get to workout yesterday. Work ran long until 6pm, then I still needed to get a few groceries for dinner. By the time I shopped and cooked and we ate, it was too late to go to the gym. Besides, I can't work out on a full stomach. Booooo. It was too dark, cold, and slippery to even walk around the neighborhood either. Such is life. I'll try again today as long as DBF brings the car back at a reasonable time...he's got some shopping to do! :)

I do have an NSV though! After dinner DBF made himself hot chocolate and had a stack of those Superstore Decadent Chocolate Chip Cookies....which I friggin love considering they are a storebought cookie. I didn't have any. I was actually stuffed from dinner and definitely didn't have any room to spare in my menu. And you know what? It didn't bother me at all. Funny, if I had been alone with that stuff I would have eaten it no problem...but because I've told him I'm on a stricter plan this week I didn't want to cave in. Nice.

Dinner last night ended up being chicken in PC Blue Menu Butter Chicken Sauce. It was pretty good and decent on the calories. I snazzied it up with some sauteed onion, mushrooms, and wilted spinach. Served with roasted cauliflower, a few baby potatoes, and papadums that only sort of turned out. A bit higher in points than I had planned, but all pretty healthy so I was happy with it.

Today's plan...

- coffee w/ sploosh of light egg nog x 2
- instant oatmeal with 1/2 banana
- Chunky Chicken Noodle soup, Bacon Dippers, cheddar cheese
- clementine
- granola bar if I need it
- dinner is either spaghetti with homemade meatballs (with added veggies in mine) or possibly dinner at a friend's (which will either be pizza or something I have no control over...) Pin It


Espressomama said...

Congratulations on staying out of the cookies! I love those things, and always end up with an upset tummy from them - the chocolate they use gives me wicked heartburn (TMI) but I can't leave them alone. They are another form of "food crack" in my life!

Jen said...

hahaha!!! "Sploosh" "snazzied" *laughs* I love you, you are too cute!!!

I could SERIOUSLY eat a stack of those cookies!!!! You are AWESOME for avoiding them!!!!

Lynn said...

Mmm I love that sauce - it's sooo yummy!!

Cat_82 said...

I freaking love those chocolate chip cookies....

You're superwoman for avoiding them. Good job Jaime.

Boo to work running late.

Angie All The Way said...

Yeaaaaah girl, takin' names you are!

I giggled at "snazzied" too :-)

I didn't click on the cookie link for fear of triggering cookie monster-like qualities for me this evening :-)

JavaChick said...

I love those cookies too! Can never stay out of them if they are in the house. Very impressed that you managed to stay out of them!

eurydice said...

I love that you only didn't eat the cookies because you told your bf you were on plan. That is so like me. I personally don't think I have great willpower, but I love when other people think I do!