Thursday, December 18, 2008

Social Eating

Why is it that socializing almost always takes place around food?

So yesterday the snow actually stopped by the time I finished writing my post, so I was able to bundle up and wander down the street for my caffeine fix. I actually got a Venti egg nog misto because I felt the need for the extra coffee. Yum! And admittedly I did succumb to the big-ass 11 point chocolate chunk cookie which I ate while on my conference call...and enjoyed every last bite!

I wouldn't feel so guilty about the cookie if I hadn't been going for an indulgent dinner too...hehe. Our plans for Butchart Gardens fell through because although the snow in the city wasn't amounting to anything, it was a white-out along the highway and out to the Gardens. So we opted to stay in town for a nice dinner instead. I walked to the restaurant (it was a bit snowy, but nothing crazy) and it was a good bit of heart pumping...but not near enough to make up for my lack of exercise so far! It was nice being out in the cold air though.

For dinner I had my dessert chocolate with Bailey's to warm up. :) I only had one sliver of bread with olive tapenade, then ordered the hazlenut crusted goat cheese on mixed greens for my freaking good. I tried to get my girlfriends to share it but they each barely took a nibble. haha. I tried a piece of my friend's appy too....toasted bread with melted cambozola and roasted garlic. Also freaking good. My main was salmon with mozza cheese and capers...sounds odd but it was pretty good. Came with some mashed taters and roasted veggies, but I was getting pretty full so I only ate about half of it all. Oh, two of us also shared a 1/2 litre of red I think I had two a limoncello martini. :) Thankfully they weren't offering creme brulle so I passed on dessert.

This morning I had another Tazo BlossomBerry white tea and two pieces of the Silver Hills 16 Grain with natural PB, the other with the cashew butter. Yum and it! I'm meeting a girlfriend for Starbucks and a visit around 1:00, so I'll be getting my daily dose of egg nog misto and will try to resist the baked goodies today! I think I will stop at the Market for something for lunch too....not sure what they have there but I'm sure the deli will have something resembling a salad. :) Dinner tonight is totally up in the air, but I'm planning for cheap and easy. Then I'm supposed to go out to drive around and see Xmas lights with some friends so I'm sure there will be tea or coffee or hot chocolate or something! Pin It


Vanessa said...

Hazelnut crusted goat cheese? I think I just drooled a little...

Angie All The Way said...

I'm glad you had your cookie because it would be a shame not to have it, espcially since we don't have them here! I'm the same way with the pizza back home :-)

Venti, that's the super duper large one isn't i? You must have been buzzing after that! lol

I second the hazelnut crusted goat cheese! Yum!

Lynn said...

I meant that "starbucks whore" comment only in good fun. Hope you weren't offended. :)