Monday, December 08, 2008

Stayed the Same

Happy Monday. I think. haha. Is there such a thing?

Good news is that DBF got home on Friday! Early too. I picked him up at 10:30, and thankfully I had worked ahead on Thursday night so didn't have to spend the day working. I don't remember my whole menu for the day, but I'm sure you will all forgive me for that. I know there was some early afternoon drinking...haha...which accounts for my lack of memory. We also spent the late afternoon and evening with some visiting Navy friends from the West Coast (might be DBF's last chance to see them for a long, long time) so that included some more drinks and I did order fish n chips for dinner when we were out. I hadn't eaten very much all day, and with the drinking I decided I needed something carby and greasy to soak up some booze and fill my tummy. I only ate one piece of the fish and a handful of the chips though so really it wasn't so bad. Later on, the gang ordered nachos and I didn't even touch them...not one chip. Truly a victory!

Saturday we spent the late morning/early afternoon shopping for new Christmas tree decorations. The tree is DBF's favorite part, so I waited for him to return before tackling that (I had already done the outside lights and other indoor decorations). Before braving the malls, we stopped at our fave little restaurant and had breaky. I had a mushroom & cheddar 2 egg omelette with bacon, a few home fries, and 1 slice of ww toast with a smear of PB. And coffeeeeeeee! It was a big breaky, but the rest of the day was pretty light so I think it pretty much evened out. At our afternoon pitstop at Starbucks I opted for the ever-popular Grande Coffee Misto with Egg Nog instead of a higher-point latte. Later, instead of dinner we opted to crack open some red wine while we decorated the tree and had some cheese, meat, and crackers instead of a meal. Yum!

Sunday I decided to have a really clean day. I knew I had a Hot Yoga class with Angie, Lynn, and Lesley so kept my early eating as simple as possible. Didn't even have coffee....instead had a cup of Gingerbread Spice tea (all the talk of Pumpkin Spice tea led me to start digging around the cupboards for something other than Pekoe!). For breaky I stuck with a serving of that Ginger Zing granola with 1/2 cup of vanilla soy milk. Later I made a smoothie with a whole tiny banana, 1/2 cup strawberries, a few blueberries & a cup of vanilla soy milk. Crazy good! After yoga I was starving so opted for about 1/2 cup 1% cottage cheese and two random slices of leftover old cheddar from Saturday night.

Dinner was a healthy mish-mosh of items on hand. A chicken & bean wrap thingy, side of steamed brocolli, and a few reheated baby potatoes with real butter. I was craving dessert as soon as dinner was over, but thankfully there was nothing readily available so I just chilled on the couch and eventually the craving went away. Later I was a bit peckish so I had a clementine orange. Yaaaieee me! :)

In the end that all led to a stay the same on the scale. I'm in my comfort zone, so it's all good. Pin It


Jen said...

Awesome girl!!! Seriously, you had a few treats and you stayed the same!!! That is awesome!!!

glad you had a great weekend with your honey!!!!

Angie All The Way said...

Yay!! I can't wait for the day where I'm where you are and STS's are exactly what I'm aiming for :-) Mmmmmmmmmm fish n' chips!