Thursday, January 31, 2008

Today I'm eating...

- coffee
- Source lemon parfait yogurt w/ blueberries
- 1/2 banana
- PC Blue Menu oatmeal bagel w/ light cream cheese & sliced tomato
- apple
- baby carrots
- banana bran muffin
- Dinner: undecided, but maybe chicken stew if I have time to make it
- tea
- Kashi granola bar (PB)


Activity: walk the dog (it's sooooo nice out!), 20 crunches/100 squats/20 pushups

Water: 2 litres Pin It

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Snack Attack

Don't forget about Mandy's Chocolate Chip Banana Bran Muffins!

It had been forever since I baked off a batch of these yummy treats, but they are so tasty that I'm almost through the first dozen and it looks like I'll have to bake some more this weekend.

I love one warmed up first thing in the morning with my first cup of coffee. Or later in the day as a smidge of a chocolate treat to keep me going until dinner.

I make mine with brown sugar instead of Splenda, and use mini-chocolate chips so the chocolate saturation is a little more widespread. :)

Bake yourself a batch today! Pin It

Today I'm eating...

DBF is on duty at work tonight, so no structured meals for me today!

- coffee
- banana bran muffin
- Source lemon parfait yogurt w/ blueberries
- Healthy Request chicken noodle soup
- Wheat Thins w/ light cream cheese & pickles
- apple
- banana bran muffin
- leftover taco fixins made into a salad
- Smartpop
- Sprite zero


Activity: I HAVE to get outside today!!, yoga podcast, 25 crunches/100 squats/20 pushups (had to switch it up, my back is out so crunches are bad)

Water: 2 litres
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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Today I'm eating...

- coffee
- ff Activia vanilla yogurt w/ sprinkle of All-Bran
- fresh blackberries & 1/2 banana
- leftover ESBM Chop Suey
- carrots & onion dip
- banana bran muffin
- tea
- cookies


Activity: yoga podcast, 50 crunches/50 squats/20 pushups

Water: 2 litres
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Monday, January 28, 2008

Snack Attack

Baby carrots are about the easiest healthy snack I keep in the house. I don't know about you, but I get sick of plain old carrots after a couple of days. So every once in a while I dig out my box of Lipton Onion Soup and make some low-point dip.

It can't get any easier. Mix one small (250ml) container of light sour cream with 1/2 package of soup mix. Stir and let sit in fridge for a couple of hours (so those crunchy dehydrated onions have time to soften up).

Works out to 1 point for 2 tablespoons and totally satisfies my need for something more interesting that boring little carrot nubs. :)

For a more carb-a-licious treat, try dipping your favorite cracker. Pin It

Today I'm eating...

-ff vanilla Activia yogurt w/ fresh blueberries (edit: I went for a smaller portion of this so I could have something warm too...)

-instant oatmeal
-1/2 banana

-Fibre Source bar
-Wasa w/ light cr cheese, sliced tomato & crumbled bacon

-baby carrots w/ onion dip
-leftover of Chop Suey (ESBM)


Activity: yoga podcast, 50 crunches/50 squats/20 pushups, shovel driveway/porch/stairs

Water: 2 litres
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Weigh In

Down 1 pound!

My challenge may not have worked out, but the eating at home has definitely helped keep my eating more on track.

Wooohoooo! Pin It

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Challenge Results

Painfully dismal I'm afraid.

1 out of 5. I managed to stay out of the cookie box.

I didn't get out for my walk because I was actually working and because I'm a sissy for the cold-ass wind out there yesterday.

I didn't get my three litres of water. I intended on sucking back a litre at the movies, but forgot my bottle in the car and I refuse to pay $4 for it at the concession.

My dinner choice ended up being the meatloaf at Montana's. Not the healthy spinach salad I was going for.

The yoga podcast didn't happen either. I just ran out of time.


Try, try again. Pin It

Friday, January 25, 2008

Snack Attack

When faced with the afternoon sweet attack, what does one do that has challenged herself to stay out of the cookie box?

Believe it or not, she reaches for a Honey Nut All-Bran Bar.

We've all seen the no spraying whatever beverage you are drinking out in astonishment! They do taste good! And they almost kill the cookie craving when I dip them in my coffee.

Crisis averted. Pin It

Today I'm eating...

- coffee
- ff vanilla Activia yogurt w/ sprinkle of All Bran
- 1/2 banana
- leftover chicken salad (chopped roasted chicken, celery, few raisins, light Miracle Whip) over mixed greens
- light cheddar
- Multigrain Wheat Thins
- baby carrots
- dinner at Montana's (eating like a cowgirl!! OK, probably spinach salad.)
- small movie popcorn (hello FLEX!)

9 points all day.... leaves me 13 for dinner.... and flex for the popcorn

Activity: yoga podcast, 50 crunches/50 squats/20 pushups, walk the dog

Water: 3 litres!!! Pin It

I'm Challenging...ME!!

I challenge myself to walk the dog today.
(it's fabulously sunny, but windy and cold outside)

I challenge myself to do a yoga podcast today.
(it's been long enough...time to get back to it)

I challenge myself to drink 3 litres of water today.
(because I can feel the dehydration in my skin now)

I challenge myself to make a wise choice for dinner out tonight.
(there's always a healthier choice, I just have to choose it!)

I challenge myself to stay out of the cookie box today.
(next time I won't make FIVE dozen!) Pin It

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Today I'm eating...

There may have been an incident with some cookies last night.... maybe....

- Corn Bran Squares w/ skim milk
- 1/2 banana
- Chowdy Doody
- Tortillaz
- apple w/ pb
- homemade chicken salad sammich
- cream of mushroom soup
- homemade cookies
- tea


Activity: walk the dog, 50 crunches/50 squats/20 pushups
(I should probably admit that I haven't done this the past two days....boooo!)

Water: 1 litre Pin It

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Wednesday Menu

Today I am eating:

ff vanilla Activia yogurt w/ sprinkle of All Bran
1/2 banana
apple w/ pb
Chowdy Doody
salad w/ ff Italian
hot beef sandwiches w/ gravy & frozen fries
homemade cookies


Activity: walk the dog, 50 crunches/50 squats/20 pushups

Water: 1 litre Pin It

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday Menu

I have decided that I like Eurydice's method of listing her daily menu, so I'm going to steal (er, I mean adopt...) it. :)

Now that I'm back at work in my home office, I don't really do meals per se. Mostly I just have mini-meals and snacks throughout the day, so it seems stupid to try to break it down to meals just for posting purposes.

So, instead....

Today I'm eating:

ff vanilla Activia yogurt
1/2 banana
Wasa w/ light cr cheese
deli turkey
baby carrots
Chowdy Doody (ESBM)
Bisquick biscuits
homemade cookies


Activity: walk the dog, 50 crunches/50 squats/20 pushups

Water: forcing myself to finish one litre's a sad amount, but I have been seriously lacking Pin It

Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Menu

A bit of a carb-o-rama today...

B = coffee, Fibre Source bar (3)
S = whole wheat toast w/ natural PB (5)
L = light rye Wasa w/light herb cr cheese, 3 slices deli turkey & baby dills (3)
S = homemade cookies (4)
D = beef dip: leftover sirloin roast w/ sauteed onions & dijon on a small hoagie, au jus (beef consume), salad w/ ff Italian dressing (8)


Activity: if I could get caught up on bloody work, I'd walk the dog in the snow!
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The human body is a mysterious thing!

I snuck a peak at the scale on Saturday and just about fell off it when I saw what it registered. And not because it was high!! But because it was basically the same as it was a month ago before I started this moving adventure.

I don't know how it happened, but I managed to stay the same!

I'm not questioning it, I'm just LOVING it!!

My last official WI was Dec-17th at 153.2 lbs. This morning's official restart WI is 154.2 lbs. Amazing!

****runs off doing happy happy joy joy dance!**** Pin It

Monday, January 14, 2008

Out of control!!

All I have to say is that I might never unpack my scale because I really don't wanna know!!! Pin It

Friday, January 11, 2008

Friday Menu

B = coffee, ff vanilla yogurt, banana (4)
S = All Bran bar (2)
S = Crispy Tortillaz, apple juice, carrot sticks (haha, can you tell I'm out of groceries?) (4)
S = Fibre Source bar (2)
D = we're going out for drinks so who knows.... (10 left)


Activity: quick walk with dog, 20 pushups/50 crunches/50 squats Pin It

Poof! and the sushi disappears!

Well, I'm not going to whine about it...I'm just going to write about it and move on. The sushi last night turned into a Teen Burger. It's magic I tell ya. Bordome eating strikes again.

Today is a new day. Pin It

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thursday Menu

B = coffee, 1/2 banana, Fibre Source bar (4)
S = ff vanilla Activia yogurt (2)
L = not much left in the room! baby carrots w/ leftover lf ranch, 2 x wedge light Laughing Cow, handful of multigrain Wheat Thins (4)
S = apple, handful of Crispy Tortillaz (3)
D = I'm hoping to go for sushi tonight, or at least to find some at Superstore (8)


If I get bored and feel like a snack later, it'll be an All-Bran bar and some decaf tea. Ugh, why didn't I think of that last night?

Activity = walk the dog, 20 min yoga for core, 20 pushups/50 crunches/50 squats Pin It

Boredom... bad!

I did soooo well yesterday. Until.... after dinner and work was done I had nothing to do. TV was boring. Yoga podcast was done. I didn't want to sit in front of the computer anymore.

So I ate crackers. Mindlessly from a box. And a granola bar. And a tube of mini M&Ms from my Christmas crap.


But at least I did all of my crunches/squats/pushups....and 3/4 of the new yoga podcast (there were too many poses I didn't know and it was hard on my back. I will have to work up to that one!) Pin It

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Wednesday Menu

B = coffee, ff vanilla Activia yogurt, crushed All Bran bar, 1/2 banana (5)
L = side salad I didn't eat last night, 3 slices ff turkey, low fat ranch (3)
S = apple, 2 wedges light Laughing Cow (2)
S = remainder of chocolate macaroon cookie (2)
D = Subway - probably 6" turkey breast with lots of tomatoes (6)
S = handful of multigrain Wheat Thins, glass of 1% milk (4)


Activity = walk the dog, 20 minute yoga for butt (I downloaded some new podcasts), 20 pushups/50 crunches/50 squats Pin It

One day down....

I did it! A day OP. Not the best food choices as I actually wound up under point (the chili was so big that I never ate my salad or apple), but maybe that will help counteract the extra points consumed the night before.

I'm sure glad I don't have a scale at the moment. I noticed my stretch marks are coming back with a vengeance...that can't be a good sign. If that's not motivation, nothing is!!

I'm also proud that I started out with only 20 crunches and squats, but decided that wasn't enough and banged out another 30 of each. My kickboxing instructor would be so proud!

Here's to another great day! Pin It

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tuesday Menu

A bit of a mish-mosh today. I'm having trouble getting on to East Coast DBF left today so my meal times are out the window.

B = coffee, 1/2 banana (2)
L = 2 wedges light Laughing Cow, 3 slices ff turkey, handful of multigrain Wheat Thins, baby carrots (4)
S = half a chocolate macaroon cookie (3?)
D = well it's 8:00....I think I'll just go to Wendy's for salad and chili (10 if I get a large w/ a side of sour cream)
S = apple (1)


Activity = walked dog, 20 mins flow yoga, 20 pushups/50 crunches/50 squats
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Eating out is baaaaad!

ugh. I wasn't going to mention it because I was so proud of my plan to get back on board, but hiding it won't do me any good.

DBF didn't want to go to the hotel restaurant last night. Fair enough, the menu is pretty limited. I suggested Swiss Chalet because I know that safe for me (and I had enough points for a messy chicken sandwich!) but he's had a hankering for a philly cheesesteak for days so I gave in and agreed to Boston Pizza.

Not so bad if I'd just stuck with my chicken salad and asked for no bacon and easy cheese...but I didn't. And I ordered french onion soup to start...which is basically a bowl of broth and cheese.


Then we stopped at the store on the way home and I felt the need to eat a Twix at 10pm. Argh. Pin It

Monday, January 07, 2008

Monday Menu

B = vanilla ff Activia yogurt, Fibre Source bar, 1/2 banana (5)
L = baby carrots, 2 wedges light laughing cow, 3 slices ff turkey breast, big handful Multigrain Wheat Thins (5)
S = apple (1)
D = probably in the hotel restaurant...I'm thinking mixed green salad and cup of the seafood chowder (10 est)
S = bits & bites (1)

Activity = walked the dog x 2

Also, you'll notice no coffee today so I'll be flushing myself out with water, water, water. But I need to get on that coffee dilemna for tomorrow! Pin It

Almost there!

Finally, some sort of routine! This is not the final stop on our journey, but for the next 10ish days I'll be living in this hotel and can hopefully stick to a routine for the first time in a while.

I've stocked up on yogurt, fruit and granola bars for breaky...and got some light cheese, ff turkey, baby carrots and crackers to tide me over through lunches. Dinners will be a little tougher with no heating device in the room...but there is a restaurant in the hotel and a Subway next door. I will likely venture out in the evenings for dinners too if the weather doesn't get too bad.

Our hotel is right beside a snow-covered lake with lots of side roads, etc so I can walk the dog. The weather has been mild so far, so as long as it stays that way I shouldn't have any problems with activity. I will also check out the gym and pool (it's saltwater!) here in the hotel...but it's tough to leave the dog unattended in the room to do those things because he is a barker...we will see how it goes. Once DBF leaves for sea tomorrow I will move all of our luggage around and make room to do my yoga a few days a week too.

Man, have I been looking forward to this! Pin It

Friday, January 04, 2008

Friday Menu

Travel Day

B = triple non-fat latte, reduced fat banana coffee cake
S = Fibre Source bar, handful of After-Eights
D = Triple O Burger at White Spot - it's my last chance for this West Coast favorite!

Activity = Day Three: only the walk to Starbucks but that's better than nothing! Pin It

Thursday, January 03, 2008

Thursday Menu

B = triple non-fat latte, Fruit Source bar
L = yummy chicken sammich at Caribean restaurant, with mixed green salad and a few plaintain chips (OMG...why had I never had these before?), mojito
D = leftover Chinese
S = decaf non-fat latte

Way over point, but mostly healthy so oh well.

Activity = Day Two: nothing, I suck. Pin It

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Wednesday Menu

B = small ff vanilla yogurt w/ 2 tbsp granola
S = triple non-fat latte
L = leftover Chinese food
D = going out for Vietnamese - Pho here I come!

Activity = Day 1: 20 minute walk
(not quite as much as I would like to start off my relationship with activity, but it's something!) Pin It

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

It's here! 2008!!

Happy New Year!!!

So many of you have written about your 2008 resolutions recently. I don't think I've ever had a real New Years resolution in my life. I am usually from the camp of "when I make a resolution I don't need a special time of year to do it". However, for the last few months I haven't been resolving to do anything to do with my health.

My daily activity has become null lately. I haven't done the daily walks with the dog since the first week of November when DBF returned from Halifax. My kickboxing class ended the week before Christmas and because I'm moving I haven't signed up for anything else. Í have been using this move as my excuse to become fairly inactive.

There really is no good excuse. I have an excellent 20 minute yoga podcast I can literally do anywhere. I could be out walking almost any day because the weather here on the West Coast has been pretty forgiving so far this Winter. I have all the instructions for the Couch to 5K that I could be starting.


I am resolving to keep on top of my activity this year.

I am already actively looking for a gym in Halifax so I can spend some time with a trainer learning how to properly use the equipment to my advantage. I want to take on a fitness class or two to pick up where kickboxing left off. DBF and I want to take dance lessons (although he is away A LOT so that proves problematic for us) and I would love to have better cardio ability for that. I aim to firm up my body and really work on strength training this year...and really show off the hard work I did to lose and maintain my 20lb+ weight loss.

So ladies and gentlemen, you've heard it here. Activity is my new best friend for 2008!!

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