Friday, November 28, 2008


There's just so much going on in my kitchen right now, I don't know what to eat! Muffins, oatmeal, new granola. Stew, salmon, sammiches. Cheese, boiled egg, three kinds of juice. I'll have to plan carefully over the weekend so I don't waste anything.

I'm feeling tired and blah today. I've totally been staying up way too late and can't get out of the rut. I'm a nighthawk at the best of times, but especially when DBF is away for long periods of time. It's fine once in a while, but this has been going on almost two months. No wonder I'm always tired and unmotivated to do anything active. That midnight episode of Law & Order is so not worth it!! But even if I do try to go to sleep earlier, I can't...because I slept too long in the morning. Vicious circle.

Anywho, at least it's Friday!

I almost did really good on my menu yesterday. Tons of spinach and no extra snacking....yaaaieeee....until the evening....booooooo....when I was putting Xmas decorations up in the living room window and decided that I needed chocolate to help with the festivities. OK, seriously, when did a random box of Bridge Mix become a festive treat? Man I'm getting way too good at justifying this stuff. Yet another vicious cycle I'm in.

Good news is there are no treats left in the house now, and I plan to keep busy with some Christmas planning and maybe some shopping tonight so that keeps me out of the cupboards. And tomorrow I'm meeting with my lovely blog girls Angie, Lesley, and Tasha for a healthy breakfast at Cora's, some fun shopping at lululemon, and a Starbucks coffee stop. If they can't keep me on track, no one can!

Today's plan:

- coffee with sploosh of egg nog (x2) = 1 point
- instant oatmeal = 3 points
- grapes = 1 point
- egg salad on crackers, with side of pickles and carrot sticks = 5 points
- apple smeared with tiny wedge of warm brie = 3 points
- leftover maple BBQ salmon filet, served with sauteed spinach "salad" (I did this last night because I didn't want a cold salad....sauteed onion & mushrooms in a smidge of olive oil, added fresh garlic, salt & pepper, then added a couple of cups of fresh spinach, a splash of water, a bit of chopped tomato, stirred and covered until wilted. So good.) = 7 points
- tea & zucchini chocolate bran muffin = 2 points

- hopefully at least an hour of cardio at some point today
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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Griddler Action - Take 1

After, oozing cheesy goodness:

Eat it while it's hot! Yummmmm!
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Menu Motivation

I have to thank Angie for my current menu motivation. I just read her blog from yesterday and realized that she and I are the same number of daily Weight Watchers points but she is doing a considerably better job of using her points properly. Admittedly because I'm within my comfortable maintenance range I do estimate a lot and I'm OK with that because I'm usually pretty strict with my estimations and when I do it and I stick to it I still lose when I want to. However, lately I've been super slack on counting at all...and the biggest thing I realized is that although my menus look good when I write them out, I've gotten into the bad habit of substituting crap where my fruits and healthy snacks should be.

"ooooooh, I want some licorice so I just won't eat my apple and it will be OK!"

Not good.

So the goal for this weekend is to stick to my menu plans and to actually eat the fruits and veggies I plan. There's a box of Bridge Mix in my pantry, and I'm determined that it will still be there on Sunday night. That's my goal, and now it's in writing so I have to do it, right?

On to more fun things....

- Egg Nog has arrived in my house. Light Egg Nog...intended only for use in my morning coffee. It's only 80 cals for 1/2 cup, so the sploosh in my mug can't possibly be more than 10 cals (which is less than the 1/2 teaspoon of brown sugar and splash of milk I usually use). I'm all good because I prefer it this way and don't generally like to just swig back a glass of the stuff anyway. This is my new treat instead of candy.

- It's time to break in the Griddler! Panini for lunch today. I went out last night and bought up some super yummy ingredients for some toasty grilled sammiches....PC Potato Scallion Miche bread, extra lean turkey breast, brie, spinach & tomatoes. I will squirt a little grainy mustard in there and I am betting it will be tasty beyond belief. :)

Today's menu:

- coffee with sploosh of egg nog (x2) = 1 point
- zucchini chocolate bran muffin = 2 points
- hard boiled egg to tide me over until late lunch = 2 points
- yummy panini! = 8 points
- maple BBQ salmon filet, spinach salad with mushrooms and olive oil dressing (yes I ended up buying a bigass bag of spinach even after I said I wasn't buying anymore salad!) = 7 points
- grapes = 1 point

This comes out to an estimated 21 points and I think I'll leave it at that because I'm sure I buggered up on either the panini or the salmon. Pin It

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Mid-week Latte

Yup, latte...and I'm enjoying every sip. Love it! It's so nice and clear outside that I needed to just get out for some air...even in the crazy I opted for a latte for breakfast. :) (I love that my vanilla and extra espresso shot are free when I use my registered Starbucks card!)

My stiff/sore arm/shoulder has reared it's ugly head again. Sorta. I don't think I mentioned (I didn't want to jinx it) that it was finally getting better. I took a break from massage and with all the time away from the gym, it was loosening up. Still a little stiff, but not so much with the agonizing shooting pain. Well, it's trying to come back...probably due to all the shoveling...which didn't so much hurt at the time, but this whole thing is caused by tight muscles and such so I guess it took a couple of days to kick in. Booo. So again, no gym for me as I was sitting on my couch with a heat pack yet again. Argh. Back to massage tomorrow.

Oh, just a quick product review...the Campbell's Healthy Request Thai Chicken soup in the ready to serve bowl was NOT good. Bland and greasy. Yuck. I didn't even finish it.

I have a TON of work to do today so I should get at it. Happy Hump Day.

Today's menu plan:

- triple grande vanilla non-fat latte
- zucchini chocolate bran muffin
- egg salad on crackers
- grapes
- homemade beef stew, ww bun w/ butter
- tea & another muffin Pin It

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I just can't find the motivation to do much of anything right now. Work, chores, Christmas decorations, gym, baking...blahhhhhh. Every day I write out what I need to do, and every day I'm lucky if I accomplish one thing...which is better than nothing, but I have the time to be doing more than that. Even right now I'm procrastinating by writing this blog when I should be working. I guess it's still that snowed-in hermitting feeling that's gotten it's roots into me...I'll have to pull out of it soon!

Yesterday went fairly well foodwise. There was some licorice at the end of the night but not enough to really wreck the daily point count. Otherwise I stuck to the plan. Oh except my salad greens weren't looking too good so I opted for steamed brocolli & carrots instead...which I prefer anyway now that it's not warm outside. I don't think I'm purposely going to buy salad anymore when I'm home alone...that's at least the third package that I've had to throw out because I never get it used up before it goes bad.

Oh, I remembered to weigh in this morning (one day late) and I'm down .4 pounds. Nutty. My body never ceases to amaze me. I ate so much crap this weekend you wouldn't believe it. Thankfully I don't seem to have weight issues related to sodium otherwise it wouldn't be this pretty. I guess maybe the two awesome workouts I did get in early in the week held on and helped me out.

Due to my lack of motivation I didn't get the muffins made last maybe today. I'm out of granola bars and such snacks so maybe now that I actually need the muffins I will feel more like making them. You know I'm in a slump when I'm not in the mood to bake. I'm always in the mood to bake!!

Anywho, I really need to today's plan is to just take it as it comes and to stick to the menu plan again. I still could really use that trip to the gym for cardio and stretching so I'll try my best to stay on task and make the time to get there.

Today's eats...

- coffeeeeeee
- instant oatmeal (there's a box in the cupboard that should be used up), apple, natural PB
- juice (again, there's a bunch in the fridge that I need to work into my days so I can use it up)
- Healthy Request Thai Chicken soup bowl, ww bun, cheese
- (no afternoon snack...late start on the eating today)
- Nutrigo chicken nuggets, homemade baked sweet potato fries, light mayo dip
- zucchini muffin, hot chocolate Pin It

Monday, November 24, 2008

Weekend Cooking

Who needs the gym when you have snow to shovel?! Yes siree, I'm stiff. Probably not the good kind of the kind you get from a good workout...but more the bad kind you get from bending and lifting inappropriately. Either way, it's a workout!!

I'm not going to go over what I ate this weekend, because it was truly too much. I forgot to weigh-in this morning so I don't know what damage I may have for now I'm not going to worry about it.

The good part about a snowy weekend is that I had time to do some cooking. I had finally gotten close to the end of the frozen meals I had been working my way through for the last little while and it was time for some more stocking up. Thankfully I had thought of this before the big snow came so I had all the ingredients on hand. I made a batch of Smackeroni & Cheese (from Eat Shrink & Be Merry), some beef stew (cooked all day in my crock pot), and a batch of those Chicken & Bean Rollups that came out of a recipe book from DBF's nutrionist. That should keep me going for a while! I also boiled off some eggs for lunches this week and tonight I'm hoping to find time to put together a batch of zucchini & chocolate bran muffins too. Yum-o.

I'd like to head to the gym for some cardio and good stretching tonight too (stretching is so much easier and better when you are all warmed up from a workout) hopefully time allows. Other than that, I got nothin.

Today's eats...trying to be more mindful of what I'm shoving in my yap:

- coffee (I've been enjoying a bit of cream lately instead of skim milk and loving it!)
- whole wheat roll with egg salad
- small serving leftover beef stew (made too big a serving for last night's dinner)
- grapes
- tea & Leclerc granola bar
- Smackeroni & mixed green salad
- muffin if I make them...otherwise probably hot chocolate Pin It

Friday, November 21, 2008


Ya, so I didn't go to the gym again yesterday. Boooo me. I ended up having to come to work a bit after my chiro appointment, plus for some reason I decided I needed to bake cookies before going to my neighbor's last night so that pretty much sucked up the little bit of spare time I had.

At least the cookies I made were low-point. They are these light little meringue things that I found in the new Rachel Ray magazine...if they are a whole point each I'd be surprised...mostly just egg whites with some coconut and Rice Krispies. Turned out pretty good, but I definitely need to tweak them a bit as they weren't quite dry enough.

Anyway, so I ate a few of those plus had a couple of Cosmopolitans...and I did end up eating dinner because I realized I'd be starving if I didn't. It was just a leftover piece of chicken & veg pie that I had in the freezer. So not so much as I'd planned my day, but I don't think I did any serious damage.

Today hasn't been very good thus far, but hopefully I can reign it in for the evening. I slept in so I was hurrying like crazy to get work done this morning and I was just going to skip breakfast and get something while I waited for my Winter tires to be put on, but I ended up way too hungry so had a bowl of Kashi Crunch. That was fine. But then I went to Tim Horton's while I waited for my car (it was either that or Burger King, ewww)...and for some reason I ordered two cookies with my coffee. I'm a cookie fiend lately!! But that is all I've eaten so if I stick to a proper dinner and maybe some tea tonight I should be all good for the day.

I'm settled in and all ready for the storm we are apparently supposed to get tonight so gym. Gah!! (I did tell my Mom that I want that Jillian Michaels DVD for Xmas so that on days like this I still have something to do at home...of course, that doesn't help me right now!) Pin It

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Snowed In

OK, not like literally snowed in, but they hadn't cleared the roads last night (I think they finally did ours around 1am) and since I could see neighbors' cars sliding around in the slush I thought I'd be smart and just stay home. Plus, I had no interest in shovelling the driveway at all. (Of course, now it froze overnight so it'll be harder to do today...but I digress...)

Needless to say it turned into a bit of an eatfest. I worked late. I ate dinner late (that seafood papillote was pretty good...decent amount of food, good sauce, maybe a bit bland...but for a no-prep meal I would eat it again...I did the oven option because I had lots of time, so I don't know if it would be as good cooked in the microwave). But of course, then the hot chocolate started calling me...which would be fine, except then I dug cookies out of the freezer...then ate the rest of the rainbow licorice. Gah!

Anyway, today is another day. Hopefully I will get all of my work done so there won't be anything holding me up this afternoon. I have to get out there soon and shovel my driveway....then I have a chiro appointment at 4:00...after which I'm hoping to get to the gym to make up my missed session from yesterday, but that completely depends on how work goes. Tonight I've been invited to my neighbor's for drinks and a visit so I want to make sure I'm all ready for that. I think I can fit it all in.

Today's menu plan:

- coffeeeeeeeeeeee
- water (I'm crazy dehydrated right now)
- big comfy bowl of Red River cereal...I'm thinking cocoa/banana/pb
- late lunch...some kind of soup, with cheese n crackers
- apple to tide me over til this evening
- I have a bit of leftover salad from last night too
- no dinner....snacks and drinks at neighbor's Pin It

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My Other Blog

Don't forget, if you are interested in day-to-day stuff (including birthday info and photos) to check in on my other blog once in a while. :) Pin It

Hump Day

Hump day of the week, as well as hump day for OP for me. I've mentioned before that usually if I can get past the three day hump, then I can do well for at least a few weeks. I feel confident that I'll get through today no problem.

Yesterday went almost perfectly according to plan. There was a small run-in with some leftover malt balls and gummy bears, but nothing major. I did get my full hour of sweaty cardio in at the gym as planned so I felt good. The gym was crazy busy, which I found odd for a Tuesday...but I guess maybe now that the shitty weather has arrived more people will be turning indoors for their activity. I ended up having to start on the recumbant bike because all of the treadmills, crosstrainers and ellipticals were busy...nutty. I'll be heading back tonight for 30 minutes of cardio and my full strength training routine again.

Oh, the snow didn't stick or stay. Today it's back to wind and torrential sideways downpours. Yuck. I do get my snow tires on Friday though so I'm pretty excited about that.

Ang & Les: the hot yoga classes I'm looking at are offered at Breathing Space at West End Mall (I think they offer them at their Bedford location as well). If you are at all interested in giving it a try please let me know. I will continue to procrastinate because I prefer to try these new things with friends! You just buy a punchcard of 6 or 10 sessions (or you can just do a drop-in) to be used for whatever class you want, whenever you want. It doesn't have to be just the hot classes.

Today's eats:

- coffee
- Leclerc granola bar (JavaChick: I'd say I like them about the same as the Kashi ones)
- smoothie: same as yesterday
- PC BM bagel with light cream cheese & tomato
- grapes
- Seafood Trio en papillote (I never did get to try this when they had them earlier in the year)
- mixed green salad with tomatoes, radishes & olive oil dressing
- something after the gym: probably Kashi Crunch Pin It

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Round Two

Today will be just like yesterday...on point and on plan! The workout will be lighter though...hello rest for the muscles. :) I had planned to maybe try hot yoga tonight, but we are currently having our first snow of the season so we shall see how that pans out and then decide from there. (I don't get my winter tires until Friday...and since I'm a West Coaster I'm a bit of a sissy driving in the snow.) If I don't go to yoga, but still leave the house I will go to the gym for an hour of cardio. If I end up staying home, I will either dig out a yoga podcast or maybe go for a walk in the snow. We shall see!

Today's menu plan:

- water water water
- coffee
- smoothie: 1/2 banana, few strawberries, few chunks of fresh frozen pineapple, 3/4 cup valencia OJ, 1/4 cup vanilla yogurt
- Leclerc cranberry & dark chocolate granola bar
- leftover salmon puff & spanakopita, mixed greens with tomatoes & Greek dressing
- couple slices leftover dill havarti
- grilled turkey sausage, steamed brocolli, baby yellow spuds
- tea
- grapes or apple if needed Pin It

Monday, November 17, 2008

I did it!!!

That's right. I stuck to the plan and I ROCKED out the best workout EVER.

I ate my meals just as planned. Dinner right at 5:30 so it would have 2 full hours to digest before I hit the gym. I left promptly at 7:00 as I planned, got there, changed, and was on the treadmill by 7:25. Nice. (I'm never early for anything!) I couldn't start on the rowing machine because there's only one and it was in I did a 5 minute walk then got into my interval runs. I'm so proud. I haven't even attempted running in months, and I stuck to my plan and breezed right through it. Yaaaieeee me.

1 min jogging, 1 min fast paced walking, 2 mins jogging, 1 min walking, 3 mins jogging, 1 min walking...then down again...with a sprint for the last minute...then a 3 minute cooldown. Total 25 minutes.

After that the rowing machine was free so I jumped on for 10 minutes. Boy are my arms going to hate me tomorrow. Even with all the gym time I was getting in a few weeks ago, I was really neglecting my arms....and it shows! I could feel myself getting tired, so was making myself do 30 second sprints and it worked. I powered right past my 10 minutes and almost did 11. haha.

Then I did my full body strength training routine...with a few new additions just to keep it interesting. I'm going to have to revamp the plan soon anyway, so I figured I might as well try a couple of new things now. What I learned is that I need gloves. My hands are always so raw by the end of the workout....hello Christmas list. :)

I finished up with 20 minutes on the ramped elliptical. I kept the ramp high for 5 minutes, then lower in reverse for 5, then low for calves with a higher amount of resistance for 10. Finished with a 5 minutes cooldown...half in reverse, half forward. I ended up on there 5 minutes longer than planned, and had been on the treadmill longer when I looked at the clock I opted to skip the recumbant bike. It was almost 2 hours and I still needed to do a good stretch out.

That was the first workout in a long, long time where I actually felt spent at the end. I'm pooped and I'm glad. I will sleep like the dead tonight...I need it.

The only menu change I made was that I opted for a 1/2 serving of Kashi Crunch with some Almond Breeze instead of fruit when I got home. My body was craving something heartier than a bowl of grapes. I heart Kashi. Pin It


Weighed in at 154.2 this morning. That is down .8 lbs from last week. How does this happen when I ate like a monster this weekend (and most of the week!)? haha, I'll take it though.

Yesterday I did absolutely nothing after my overnight guests left. I had already tidied up in the morning, so spent the afternoon and evening reading and watching the tube. Ate the leftover Mexi-dip (so freaking yummy) with multigrain Tostitos (also so freaking yummy) and a fair amount of the leftover candy. The weather was atrocious so there was no way I was leaving the house. Loved it.

Today I'm back on track (of course! because it's Monday!). Water Water Water. Careful, cleaner eating. Definitely a trip to the gym tonight. Woooooo!

The menu plan:

- water
- coffee
- water
- smoothie: 1/2 banana, 1/2 cup blueberries, couple of strawberries, 1 cup vanilla Silk soy milk, maybe some flax
- water
- 2 leftover spanakopita, mixed greens & tomato salad with Greek dressing
- walk to mailbox
- water
- Laclerc granola bar
- water
- early dinner: turkey sausage, mushroom, onion, baby yellow potato sauteed all together...with a little cheese on top :)
- water
- water water water
- either grapes or an apple with some cheese

The gym plan:

- 10 minutes rowing machine
- 20 minutes treadmill intervals (it's been FOREVER since I did this)
- full strength training routine, heavy on the abs
- 20 minutes good elliptical
- 10 minute cool down recumbant bike
- stretching like there's no tomorrow :) Pin It

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend Roundup

First...two outta five ain't bad right? haha, ya OK it's not really so good though either is it?

I'm talking about my gym routine. I'd aimed for five days in a row. I got two... Thurs and Friday. I honestly had every intention of going on Saturday (my gear is packed and in my car), but after enjoying a birthday trip to Starbucks and some birthday shopping I couldn't face the insane Christmas shopper traffic anymore and never made it to the gym. Of course I justified this by saying I could go on Sunday, but I didn't even leave the house today. ooooooops!

If memory serves, Thursday and Friday wound up OK foodwise...not perfect but good enough. I hit the gym hard both days. Thursday I did my full strength training routine for the first time in weeks, so I added an extra 1/2 hour of cardio to make sure I was limber enough. Friday I went back and did the same but didn't have time for the extra cardio. It felt good.

Yesterday was my actual birthday and I had my sleepover party. :) Food was plentiful because there were a few people that couldn't make it at the last minute. Too. Much. Candy. But points don't count on your birthday right? Especially the ones in the 4 fruity martinis I had!

Today was the laziest day ever (due to sideways rain and wind that I thought was going to rip the house from it's foundation), and I am totally OK with that. :) Pin It

Friday, November 14, 2008

Shout Out

Anyone know where Carolyn and Shannon have disappeared to? Helloooooooooooo ladies!!! Pin It

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Falling Down

Yesterday did NOT go as planned. And for no reason other than ME. I just didn't have the wherewithall to stick to my plan.

The morning workouts are a bad idea. I just can't pull them off unless DBF is home and I am forced to get out of bed and drive him. When he's not, I barely even wake up when the alarm is going off. I should know better. And Wednesdays I always wind up working late so it makes it that much more difficult to find the time and energy to hit the gym. Grrrr. So that's what happened....slept in, then worked late, so by the time I had dinner and ran the few errands I had to do it was like 8pm and the gym just wasn't gonna happen. Meh.

My menu plan started out it always does...but fell apart in the evening. Something about the cold weather makes me want to eat. At least I think that's it. Although that's probably more of a convenient excuse than anything. haha. Who knows, but either way I totally blew the day last night.

So, try try again today right?

I didn't even pretend that I was going to the gym this morning. Thankfully Thursdays are much more productive workwise so hopefully I can get myself there right at the end of the day before it starts getting dark and the TV calls to me. I have a bazillion chores to do around here too, so if I can just keep motivated and chugging along the gym will actually be a nice reprieve from a very full day.

In my attempt to stick with groceries I have on hand, I've been making smoothies the last couple of mornings. We had the soy milk and a bunch of extra bananas because I thought DBF would use them when he was home for the weekend, but he was so happy not to have Navy food that he chose to enjoy what he ate instead of forcing his diet food on himself. Fair enough. This left me with a lot of perishable items to use up though. Yesterday I did one with banana/raspberries/ was banana/blueberry minus the flax...both made with vanilla soy milk. Totally yummy, but not quite filling enough. I think tomorrow I might add half a bagel or something.

Anyway, I keep falling down at night and picking myself up during the day. Hopefully I can work through this (but the sleepover this weekend will not help!). Someone please remind me that I'm supposed to feel guilty when eating a big bowl of cheezies!!

Today's plan:

- blueberry/banana smoothie
- coffee
- mixed greens salad with chickpeas & ranch dressing
- granola bar
- apple with natural pb
- chili from the freezer with roasted baby spuds/onions/mushrooms
- grapes if I need a snack later Pin It

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Leftovers, cookies, and the Plan

Last night's dinner with the girls was so much fun. Just four of us chatting away for like 4 hours. I'm sure our waitress was wondering if we were ever going to leave. :) We ended up going to Cut Steakhouse, because Nectar isn't open on Mondays. Cut is really good, but fairly pricey and I had really been looking forward to Nectar's menu. The fun part about Cut though is that it is a la carte, so we each ordered different side dishes and shared so everyone got to try a few things. I chose the 6 0z local filet mignon (just the right size!) and the sweet potato au gratin (so freaking good...I'm going to try to make it at home!)...but I also got to try their truffled pomme de terre (mashed potatoes wrapped in shoestring potatoes), the bok choy, the curried spinach, and the huge home fries. I started with one of the best tomato & bocconcini salads I've ever had...and we all shared the flourless chocolate cake for dessert. With a glass of red wine, it was all soooooo tasty!

The best part was I saved half my steak, the last big scoop of sweet potatoes and some of the spinach as a doggie bag. I just had it for dinner, and let me tell you it was all better the second time around. :)

This morning I slept in, just because I could. Got up and ate the leftover Chinese food for brunch...then had coffee. I actually would have loved to go to the gym, but for some reason my gym chose this stat to be closed (they don't always close for stats) instead I bundled up and went for a walk on the local BLT trail for about 3km. Crisp and brisk out there, but blue skies and lovely. This did bring on the craving for chocolate chip cookies I ended up coming home and making a batch. I tried a new recipe I borrowed from Mrs. Furious...and they are quite tasty! It makes 4 dozen, so I baked off 2 dozen, and froze 2 dozen to bake off in the future. I have already eaten more than enough, but let's be honest and just admit that I'll probably suck back a few more with my tea tonight. :) (Good news is that I was actually out of white sugar so I used Splenda.)

Of course, my lack of planning and counting and eating whatever did start to bring up some while the cookies were baking I took the time to clean the fridge of any spoiled produce and leftovers that I needed to get rid of. Clean slate. I've decided not to buy any groceries this week except milk, strawberries and granola bars. I even wrote out menus for Wed/Thur/Fri so that I have a system for using up what I have on hand and for making sure I stay on plan so I can have a guilt-free weekend (it's my actual birthday on Saturday and I want to be able to have fun at my girls night in). This is a good opportunity to eat up a few meals from the freezer too....all while staying OP and well balanced (including allowing myself 2 cookies per day). :)

My goal for the next 5 days is going to the gym. Tomorrow and Thursday I plan to get up early like I used to and go before I start work for the day. Friday I will go in the afternoon. Saturday early afternoon. Sunday we shall see (my girls night in is a sleepover so it will really depend on how late we stay up). Wed/Thurs/Sat will include strength training...Fri/Sun will be cardio. Next week I'm going to check out the yoga options I mentioned the other day.

Today is like a Sunday for me. Recharge, Reinvigorate, Restart. Pin It

Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Already

Bad news is: DBF left again this morning.

Good news is: it's BEAUTIFUL outside...sunny and crisp.

Bad news is: my massage therapist is sick and cancelled the appointment I was so desparately looking forward to.

Good news is: I already got a full hour cardio workout in this morning.

Our weekend flew by, but it was great while we had it. Friday night I saw Feist with some girlfriends, then Saturday night a group of us had a fantastic dinner out. Yesterday DBF and I enjoyed just lazing around the house and spending the day together. I'm not even going to discuss food because it would just put a black mark on an otherwise lovely weekend. :)

I'm also going to refrain from being angry with my scale telling me that I'm up 3.2 pounds this week. Stinky number that is for sure due to some poor choices this weekend....but it will be rectified this week while I drink water and watch my sodium intake.

Got my workout in this morning after I dropped DBF off at work. Just cardio today, but a good full sweaty hour. :) The gym is closed tomorrow, but I'm aiming to get in there again on Wed, Fri and one day over the weekend. Next week I want to work on getting back on my strength training routine, as that seems to have fallen apart since I went to Vegas. I am also thinking about trying out a couple of Hot Yoga classes....I need to find something else to work on this arm/neck issue I have and warm stretching is really the best thing I can think of right I sort of miss yoga as it's been a couple of years since I attended classes. It's reasonably priced and the commitment is short so even if it doesn't work out, it won't have cost me a bundle or anything.

The fridge is full of all kinds of leftovers right I'll probably have a mish-mosh of a menu for the next couple of days. Tonight I might be going for dinner with some girlfriends, but that is yet to be confirmed so I have an alternate meal plan just in case.

Today's eats:

- Fibre Source granola bar pre-gym
- coffee
- 1/2 banana
- Mini Wheats with warm skim milk
- leftover Chunky chicken veg soup, crackers with light Laughing Cow
- carrot sticks
- if dinner out, then something yummy here ...otherwise leftover beef & brocolli with a scoop of pork fried rice and the last of the won ton soup. Pin It

Thursday, November 06, 2008


I just had to make a few minutes to pop by and post. DBF got home today for the weekend so chances are I won't post until Monday after he's gone again. Wooooo....the whole 3.5 days out of like 65.

You will all be happy to hear that I was a good girl yesterday. Stuck to my menu during the day, and even got myself out to the gym for a good hour+ cardio sweat session after work. I will say that I had to alter my dinner plan because I was at the gym so late, but I switched it up for a WW frozen meal (because it was fast!) and I didn't even bother with dessert or anything. So it was a successful day!

I was so tired afterwards, that I actually fell asleep on the couch and stayed there right through until this morning. That rarely happens...especially with my sore neck/arm. I musta needed it!

Today there really wasn't much of a plan. I was late running for a hair appointment after my couch session, so I ate 1/2 banana and a Fibre Source granola bar in the car. I had a cup of coffee while at the salon, then a Fruit Source bar on the way home. I had sushi in the fridge for lunch thank God (smart girl, grabbed that at the grocery store last night so I wouldn't be tempted for drive-thru), so I devoured that when I got home. DBF picked me up another coffee (no latte...such an NSV for me these days!) and I ate a Fibre One bar to tide me over for the rest of the afternoon. That's a lot of pre-packaged bars, but better than a burger and fries that's for sure!

No idea what dinner will entail but I'm thinking something quick and easy...and there's salad in the fridge. DBF brought home wine too. :)

Tomorrow night I am going to the Fiest concert with some girlfriends so there will be an early easy dinner at home before that, and maybe a snack and/or drink afterwards. Saturday we are celebrating my birthday with dinner a week early (cuz DBF will be gone on the actual day...pttthhhhh) so yummy rich dinner and wine at Bish. Yummmmm!

And that's all I know for now. Thanks for the comments yesterday all always know how to help me out of my funk. Have a great weekend! Pin It

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Confession Time

"I just don't care."

That was yesterday's mantra. Well technically it's probably the mantra of the week, but I actually said it out loud to myself yesterday.

It was one of those days where I just wanted to cozy up with myself and a blankie and eat. So that's basically what I did. No gym. No homemade dinner. Just me and a big bag of crap from McDonald's. Followed by a huge bowl of buttered popcorn. I did enjoy it though, so at least there's that. I would feel worse if when I was done I hadn't liked it or felt shitty, but I didn' was allllll goooood.

Of course, by bedtime I felt like I'd eatten a salt lick, so water and I are going to be very good friends today. I even opted for green tea instead of coffee this morning. Not sure if it will help, but it was worth a shot. I haven't been feeling the coffee lately anyway so it was a good opportunity for change.

I can still feel that "I don't care" feeling niggling around in my head. I guess it's just one of those slumps...the weather has turned gloomy, DBF has been gone for a month, money is tight because of those stupid massage and chiro appointments, my arm/neck doesn't seem to be getting any better, and the Xmas gong show is already starting. Grrrr. DBF is home for this weekend and we are going to celebrate my birthday a little, so maybe that will help me snap out of it.

The food plan for today (here's hoping I can stick to it!)...

- green tea with smidge of honey
- PC BM bagel with natural PB and sliced banana
- tossed salad with chickpeas and cheddar
- afternoon tea with Fibre One bar
- dinner I was supposed to eat last night: Nutrigo chicken nuggets, grilled zucchini...maybe some carrots & spinach dip
- yogurt & raspberries Pin It

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Ya, that's me...slacker. I'm going to have to get over this whole "it's dark by 5:00" thing pretty damn quick. By the time I finished working at 6:00 it was dark and I was cold so it was really easy to talk myself out of the gym. For no reason. Just cuz.

And then because I was bored, I dug into those stupid Halloween treats. The remainder are now in the trash. Why do I do this? Just cuz.

Oh well. What's done is done, right? Today is a more productive work day with no long teleconferences....and no Massage or Chiro appointments to interupt my day. So hopefully I'll work work work and get out the door before it's completely pitch dark outside. That's the goal!

Today's menu plan...

- coffee
- Red River cereal with 1/2 banana, natural PB, smidge of brown sugar
- raspberries
- leftover Italian Wedding soup, crackers & peppered brie, couple of olives
- carrot sticks & leftover spinach dip
- Nutrigo multigrain chicken nuggets, grilled zucchini, salad
- evening snack...granola bar? popcorn? Pin It

Monday, November 03, 2008


First thing first...weigh in. I actually forgot to weigh myself this morning, so I've already had breakfast, coffee, and 1/2 litre of water. Up 1.2 pounds this week...but still well within my super comfy range so I'm not upset. Those treats this weekend were totally worth it (well, most of them!). I'm basically right where I was when I left for Vegas.

Last night I started to feel plagued by my poor choices this week. So I got up off the couch, had a shower to energize myself and started puttering around. I set the coffee pot up so it would be ready when I woke up. I chopped up an apple so I wouldn't skip eating today just because it wasn't already cut up (I don't like eating apples right off the core for some reason). I peeled and chopped carrots so I wouldn't grab a granola bar today instead. I set up the stuff for making my hot cereal this morning. I filled both my water bottles so I'd have no excuse not to get my 3 litres today (I have to have a full extra litre on massage days). I pulled something out of the freezer for dinner that would be well served with a salad.

I even sorted my laundry and got a load done and a load ready to go for this morning. I set my alarm half an hour early and forced myself out of bed in time to get my coffee before sitting down to get to work.

It felt good to be prepared. And it feels good now to have all of that in place.

I've already been to the massage therapist today....feeling pretty good. Have lots of work to get through, but thanks to my preparedness this morning I've got a handle on it. I'll work a bit late tonight if needed but I'll be off to the gym right after that. I need to get in some cardio for sure and hopefully at least 2 sets of strength's time to get back on that.

Now if every day could be like this!!

Today's eats:

- coffee
- Red River cereal with 1/2 small banana, smidge of brown sugar, tsp of natural pb
- Italian Wedding soup, crackers, leftover peppered brie, 2 fat olives
- carrot sticks
- All Bran bar with afternoon tea during conference call
- 1/2 honeycrisp apple
- from the freezer: Butternut Pasta, served with tossed salad
- evening snacky....popcorn? Pin It

Sunday, November 02, 2008

The damage is done.

Tomorrow the scale shall tell the tale I suppose. I don't imagine it will be horrible, but I'm pretty sure there will be a gain...due to my Vegas week catching up with me, lack of gym time this week, the serious overload of Halloween candy, and the big eats yesterday.

Halloween itself started out pretty good, but I will admit to at least 8-10 treat sized chocolate bars throughout the afternoon/evening setup...and probably a few more after dinner while I was waiting for the last few kids to arrive. And let me tell you, I enjoyed every single one!! haha. It got a little out of control later in the evening when I headed over to a friends' place and a few of us proceeded to relive our childhoods by picking through their candy bucket for a few hours....rockets, swedish berries, poprocks, cheezies. Oh and a couple of those cookies I made (which were awesome by the way!).

A Halloween post with a few photos is here.

Yesterday I had a surprise birthday party to go to. I started my day right with a bowl of Kashi and didn't even have coffee....but then of course when I got to the pub I had a drink, then some cheese and veggies & dip from the trays...but after that I got hungry so ordered chicken strips and fries. Blech. Followed up with another drink back at the birthday boy's house.

All that would have been fine, but time ran late and I didn't get to the gym. My own fault for choosing sleeping and socializing...and I'm fine with that! And then I followed it up with a massive snackdown at my book club last night.

I was hosting and put together a homemade spinach dip, brie & fruit, and a cheese & meat platter. My guests brought stuffed mushrooms, a fruit topped cheesecake, two-bite brownies and berries, jalepeno cream cheese dip, and of course we had wine! I admit I actually had a stomach ache when they left. Too. Much. Cheese.

Today I had intended on getting to the gym, but even with the extra hour gained for daylight savings I still didn't have enough time. So I struck out on my 3 times per week minimum. Gah. Oh well. Maybe that pumpkin scone I had today was one of the zero calorie kind!!

Monday is a new day. (why do so many of us say that every freaking Sunday?) Pin It

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Tricked the Treats

There were 49 little chocolate bars left at the end of the night. I promptly stuffed them all back in one of the boxes, sealed it up, and crammed it into the back of the pantry. And there it shall stay until I can control myself. Happy Day After Halloween to me! Pin It